Futures Recovery Healthcare Offers Luxury Addiction Treatment in Palm Beach Florida

Futures Recovery Healthcare, based in Tequesta, Florida, has announced that they are also offering luxury addiction treatment for residents of Palm Beach and neighboring areas. They offer various pathways for people living in active addiction to drugs or alcohol to be able to recover. They fully understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when providing treatment for addiction and achieving long-lasting recovery. They have professional, compassionate, and experienced staff in Palm Beach who are capable of developing individualized, comprehensive, and evidence-based addiction recovery program to meet the specific requirements of each person who goes to them for treatment.

Their Palm Beach addiction treatment center has three different programs to meet the varying needs of a diverse population. They apply a holistic approach that seamlessly combines somatic medicine, physical therapies, psychotherapies, including wellness services. Their comprehensive residential treatment programs include the: Core treatment program, executive Orenda program, and Experiential Activity-based program.

In their Core treatment program, their approach is to treat addiction and co-occurring physical and mental health problems as chronic medical issues that need integrated and comprehensive care and a lifetime of self-management. Their system of care has been designed in such as way that adult patients will gain a solid foundation in recovery and the tools that they will require as they continue to maintain their sobriety and their physical and mental well-being.

The Orenda clinical program of Futures Recovery Healthcare also follows the holistic approach to treating the body, mind, and spirit, but it also includes more resources, specialist practitioners, individual sessions, and more time is invested in comprehending the difficulties of continuing care, professional, and family responsibilities. Comprehensive assessments will also be conducted to allow the best way to identify methods and establish baselines for successfully treating an individual person. This program is for people and families who are committed to a high-demand occupation and find themselves unable to remove themselves from the stressors and situations that tend to trigger and perpetuate their addiction.

The key areas of focus in the Orenda program include: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), experiential therapies, motivational interviewing, Bowen family systems therapy, somatic therapy, narrative therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), spiritual counseling, gestalt therapy, person centered therapy, and more. This program is based on four pillars of integrated care: medical services, neurorestorative care, clinical neuropsychology and psychotherapy, and wellness programming.

Each patient will be exposed to some of the challenges that they will be facing each day once they leave treatment. Conventional residential programs usually don’t allow for immersion and simulation in high trigger environments. But the Orenda program addresses these things in various people, such as those who are driven to succeed, people who have high intelligence and are unlearning the behaviors of an addiction, people trying to understand how the brain pursues pleasure, and people with self-medicating stress and underperformance.

The Experiential Activity-based program is designed to help patients get outside of their comfort zones. In this particular program, patients will take part in golfing, paddle boarding, fishing, wave running, scuba diving, and other outdoor activities. Patients will learn new ways to enjoy their time while free of substances. Learning how to play golf, lift weights, scuba dive, or do a proper layup can help the patients develop new healthy activities that they will enjoy while in recovery. When they take up new sports and other pastimes, these become a source of exercise and community that can help them with physical fitness, sobriety, and emotional well-being.

Clinical programming is a vital part of the Experiential Activity-based program. Some of the curriculum topics include relapse prevention, behavioral analysis, guilt and shame, coping skills, planning for success, dealing with fears, cognitive restructuring, and more. This program emphasizes spiritual connection as a source of motivation, meaning, and resilience.

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