Functional Medicine In Toronto: The Potential Behind IV Therapy With Leucine

Toronto, Ontario -

The ON based Toronto Functional Medicine Centre (TFMC) has published a new article that explores the potential benefits offered by Leucine. Currently, the clinic offers IV Therapy in Toronto with Leucine.

Leucine is considered an essential amino acid, one of three branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) that plays a crucial role in muscle formation. Unfortunately, the body cannot naturally produce leucine on its own, so it is necessary to incorporate foods high in leucine into the diet to ensure the body has enough for all its vital processes. One key factor people should keep in mind is that leucine is broken down in the muscles rather than the liver once consumed. The carbon skeleton of leucine can be used to generate ATP, so it may improve physical performance by making energy more abundant in the muscles. The article points out that many sports nutrition products emphasise the inclusion of leucine among their contents, and this is with good reason.

IV Therapy in Toronto with Leucine

The Toronto Functional Medicine Centre goes on to identify four key areas in which leucine may provide an advantage to the human body. The most straightforward of these benefits is in its capacity to aid muscle growth. The Centre says that the amino acid serves to stimulate protein synthesis and performs other functions that similarly contribute to muscle tissue formation.

The second advantage is similar: it may aid muscle recovery. The article refers to a study from New Zealand that showed leucine helped to promote both endurance and muscle recovery in the study’s subjects (cyclists). Given that athletes exercise regularly, recovery is an important aspect of their training. Leucine may be able to boost how often (and how hard) they can train without having to deal with diminishing returns.

TFMC then says that physically active seniors may also be able to use leucine to their advantage. As people age, their bones and muscles deteriorate, causing pain and making them less inclined to exercise as a result. As such, this cycle can have negative consequences, given that exercise is one of the best ways to slow such deterioration. However, with leucine’ supplementation, a senior may notice their body is more functional during physical activity.

The last of the possible advantages offered by leucine is the role it may play in regulating blood sugar. According to some data, leucine and glucose could work together to trigger insulin production, thereby serving to reduce blood sugar. More work is needed to confirm this, however.

There are several ways to supplement with leucine, including making dietary changes to include foods high in the amino acid, consuming capsules or powders rich in leucine and IV therapy. The first is relatively straightforward, though it may depend on the individual’s palate. Should they prefer, they can turn to the use of capsules, though the clinic advises their community to speak with a functional medicine provider first to avoid running afoul of a potential imbalance (leucine should be mixed with other branched-chain amino acids). Finally, IV therapy is also an option, and this service is available at the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre.

In the full article, ‘Leucine and Amino Acids for Physical Performance and IV Therapy in Toronto,’ the clinic says, “Intravenous therapy is a personalised service we offer at the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre. At our clinic, IV leucine is offered when combined with other amino acids to provide a synergistic effect. Please talk to us if you’re interested in this or any other beneficial ingredients, such as: high-dose vitamin C, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), glutamic acid, Myers Cocktail, major minerals or major antioxidants and essential vitamins such as vitamin E.” See more about: IV therapy in Toronto with Vitamin E.

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