Full Range Camping: Where To Find Free Camping Spots

Full Range Camping, a Queensland, Australia based camping directory, would like to reach out to campers who may be in search of free campgrounds. With insight on more than 11,000 locations all over Australia, Full Range Camping has something for everyone, and visitors can use the directory to find campgrounds at their convenience. They offer a free web-based directory (along with a free Apple iOS application and a Google Android application). Both the apps and the web directory allow users to search by state or more specific locations.

The web-based directory can be accessed using any browser on any device, including a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. It can be used to find campgrounds filtered by state or in a specific town, and it features a powerful predictive text tool that helps with finding locations to camp all over the country. The directory also provides users with the option of adjusting the radius of their search location. They can refine their search even further by filtering by up to 40 categories (such as toilets, showers and whether or not the location is pet-friendly). Each search takes about 10 seconds to provide locations with map markers in green, which users can then click on to open a pop up that provides a summary of all the features it boasts, along with the address of the location.

“The website and app have been a culmination of over seven years of work," said Glen Wilson, Director of Full Range Camping. "We are constantly updating information on all of our 11,000+ listings inside our directory. Not only that, we are adding new listings all the time, including businesses that are related to camping.”

Full Range Camping is unique in that, unlike other similar services, it is completely free. While there is a premium section that offers access to a number of advanced features used by serious travellers and campers, it is completely optional, and anyone can use Full Range Camping to find campgrounds all over Australia without paying a cent. It is a powerful tool for those looking to find free campgrounds, where they are located, what their rules are and what features said campgrounds offer.

“Many free campgrounds around Australia are run by National Park Authorities, as well as local councils,” says Full Range Camping. “Rules and regulations will differ around time limits, registration and facilities available on-site. Some free camps allow access to fully self-contained vehicles only. This means if a camper is in a tent, or just backpacking, they may not be allowed to camp there. It is highly advised to stay apprised of any rules campers must adhere to before camping at these locations, as fines can be hefty. There are locations called Rest Areas all over Australia, and these number in the thousands. Many of these allow 24-72 hour overnight stays and are provided to allow travellers to rest and recover. These are often shared by truck drivers, who also use them for the same purpose. Whilst these areas provide overnight stays, it is recommended to not use these locations for the sole purpose of camping and abuse the purpose for which they were intended.”

Another powerful resource that can be used to find free camping locations is the long list of services provided by information centres and outlets. The staff at such places tend to have a great deal of information regarding where a person can camp for free. Free camping is a highly cost effective way to experience the wonders of camping without spending a large sum of money. With Full Range Camping, this activity is easier than ever.

There are a number of tips and tricks anyone can use to find free camps. Full Range Camping says, “Camping in Australia has become a national pastime. With its wide-open spaces and vast interior, finding the hidden gems of free camps can be challenging to locate. In addition to that, because each state in Australia has different rules and regulations for camping, it can be confusing what you can and can’t do at free campgrounds. Free campgrounds can be found in State and National Parks, and even some hotels and communities offer free camping.”

For more information on free camping in Australia, visit Full Range Camping’s website and social media platforms. Glen Wilson of Full Range Camping can also be reached for further details.


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