FTL Helps People Get Loans Online to Ease Their Financial Burdens During the Current Pandemic

Family Title Loans (FTL), a Los Angeles, California based financial assistance provider, wants to help ease the financial burden that has been placed on people as a result of the current pandemic that’s sweeping across America. They do this by offering simple to apply for online financial aid solutions. The company is happy to offer short-term financial help for those in California and many other states across the USA. Details about the online financial assistance services that FTL offers can be seen here at https://familytitleloans.org/bad-credit-loans/car-title-loans-completely-online-california/.

A spokesperson for FTL states, "People have yet to see the impact that this virus is going to have for years to come. People expecting a short recovery need to reset their time tables." He went on to present as evidence of this fact a recent article that was posted in the online news journal, ‘The Conversation’. The article is titled, ‘Paying for Coronavirus Will Have to Be Like War Debt – Spread Over Generations’. It talks about the macroeconomic shock that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing to the world economy. The article says the pandemic’s financial impact is unprecedented in modern times. This is because, in just the countries that make up the G20 alone, they have already spent over 7-trillion USD in the form of direct spending to combat the spread of the virus and on associated tax relief & loans since the end of May. This virus relief spending amounts to over 10% of these countries' yearly GDP. The article also stated that with these countries’ economies in freefall in many cases because of COVID-19, the possibility of replacing this borrowed money in the short term is virtually impossible. In England alone, this is expected to widen their spending deficit from what is normally around 2% annually to over 15% this year. Economists fear that it will not only take governments longer to repay the money they are borrowing to finance the coronavirus fight but there may also be other unforeseen financial consequences on national governments and their citizens.

The company spokesperson went on to add that the number of jobs that have been lost during the pandemic in California and elsewhere in the USA is staggering. They acknowledge this has left many people without the means to pay for such necessities as rent, bills, and medical treatments. He went on to say that FTL is happy to play a critical role in getting people the quick financial help that they need at this time. The company spokesperson added that there is nothing that upsets those at their company more than seeing people sell cherished jewelry items, keepsakes, and other valuables to help keep up with their bills. These same bills that keep on coming even though people’s paychecks may have stopped altogether or are significantly less than they used to be.

All someone who needs some financial help from FTL has to do is have a clean title to their vehicle and fill out a form on this financial lender’s website. According to the company spokesperson, the financial assistance that they offer requires no co-signer and can even be taken advantage of by those with less than favorable credit. He says that most people will know on the same day that they apply whether their financial aid has been approved. Once approved, the money can even be wired safely and contact free to the applicant’s bank account. The company spokesperson says that the amount of financial aid an applicant can apply for is directly related to the equity that they have in the vehicle who’s title they are using as collateral. The higher the equity a person has in their vehicle the higher amount of financial assistance FTL can offer. He added that their online customer service reps are very knowledgeable and courteous and can guide their customers through the entire process to help make getting the financial aid that they need much easier for them.

For those in California and elsewhere in the USA that are interested to learn more about the financial assistance services that FTL offers, they can call them directly or visit their informational website.


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