Frux Home And Yard: The Kinds Of Wood Used To Make A Wooden Charcuterie Board

Las Vegas, Nevada based home goods manufacturer Frux Home and Yard is reaching out to meat and cheese fans everywhere to educate them on the wood used in typical charcuterie boards. Frux Home and Yard has established itself as a respected manufacturer of a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting products, kitchen accessories, oven mitts and other products. Learn more from this article by What Kind Of Wood Is Used For Cheese And Charcuterie Board?.

As Frux Home and Yard explains, it is important that cheese and charcuterie boards are made from good quality, non-porous hardwood to ensure that they are safe for use and can last a long time. Most often, wooden charcuterie boards are made from woods such as teak, acacia, hard maple, cherry, olive, bamboo, walnut or oak. Not only do each of these types of wood have their own unique look and can add a splash of color to a social event, each also has their own benefits.

The company explains that teak is an environmentally-friendly hardwood that is water-resistant and highly durable. Both of these qualities, combined with its gorgeous patterns, make this wood ideal for serving. Acacia is another popular choice for its beauty, durability and sustainability. It is semi-hardwood, so it is forgiving to the knives as they slice through the meats and cheeses on display.

Maple is a durable hardwood that is pale blonde in color, which gives it a different look than most other woods and lends it a unique quality that some meat and cheese enthusiasts appreciate. Cherry remains a favorite for its rich red tones, making it the perfect choice for upscale arrangements. Those who want a longer lasting board with a Tuscan flair can always opt for olive, which is very durable and has a beautiful grain.

Walnut is another classic American hardwood that remains an excellent cutting or charcuterie board. It is one of the hardest woods, and it is also heat-resistant, which is excellent for those who want to incorporate hot foods into their serving platter. Oak is another common choice for charcuterie boards, both because of its wide availability and its durability. Its beautiful color is also universally loved, and it has the benefit of easily matching with different styles without any clashing issues.

While all these options are excellent, Frux Home and Yard believes the best option is bamboo. It has multiple benefits. Bamboo is durable, sustainable and surprisingly affordable. Charcuterie boards made from this wood are easy to find, and their many benefits make them a perfect choice for the environmentally-conscious and everyone else.

Frux Home and Yard’s top rated wooden charcuterie set comes with a perfectly designed bamboo charcuterie board that is ideal for anyone who is looking to purchasing a new charcuterie set. The extra large bamboo cheese platter (14.5" L X 13" W X 2" H) easily fits all the fine cheeses and cured meats that can be served and features a surrounding carved well that allows hosts to share a spread of artisan bread, crackers, fruits and nuts.

The beautifully crafted board has two hidden serving drawers, allowing the host to extend the meat and cheese board and display the included cutlery all at once. The set’s quality cheese accessories include four stainless steel knives, six luxury slate labels, six elegant appetizer forks, two ceramic sauce bowls and two white markers. A cheese boards guide with fun wine, cured meats and cheese pairings is also included.

Frux Home and Yard’s sentiments about bamboo cheese boards are shared by the company’s customers, earning their bamboo charcuterie set a high rating from over 1,000 customers. Cecelia L. Hale praises the board in their Amazon review, going on to explain that, “It’s a great design, and I love that it’s made of bamboo. I bought one for my daughter, too. She’s a charcuterie champ, and she loves it!”

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