Frux Home And Yard Extra Long Oven Mitts Receive Grateful Review on Amazon

Frux Home And Yard, the home accessories maker, has received a grateful review on its extra-long oven mitts, branded as Frux Sili Mitts. The Frux Sili Mitts allow the user to effortlessly grip pots, pans, and heavy dutch ovens without having to worry about slips or spills. The company says that its product sets the user free to bake, saute, grill, braise, and broil food with confidence.

The newly posted extra long silicone oven mitts review on Amazon says, “Longest mitt length I could find. these mitts go up to my elbow, protecting thousands of dollars in tattoos when cooking. highly recommend!”

A spokesperson for the company talks about its reaction to the review by saying, “We set out to design oven mitts that offer complete fool-proof protection for the hands while tackling any task in the kitchen. The long length was an intentional choice because we felt that similar products on the market did not offer an adequate level of protection to the lower arms of most people. This is a big flaw that we recognized in the existing offerings and we wanted to correct it. Reading the grateful review from the Amazon customer has proven that we were on the right path and that we made the right decision. We know how sentimental tattoos are to some people and also how expensive it can be to get them. A burn from a hot surface or steam will not only be painful but will also damage the exquisite works of art that adorn the bodies of many of our users. The oven mitts long length ensures that accidental touches to hot surfaces are no longer a concern as you will be protected at all times. Your precious tattoos will be protected and you will feel completely safe handling any hot utensils in the kitchen. If you are in the same boat as the reviewer or are just unsatisfied with the length of the other oven mitts on the market, check out our website to know how you can order your Frux Sili Mitts today. They are a must-have for all of your baking, grilling, and cooking needs.”

The commercial-grade silicone oven mitts are heat-safe up to 500 degrees. The outer layer of BPA-free, food-grade, flame retardant silicone will safeguard the user’s hands and forearms while cooking, while the quilted cotton lining provides added comfort and protection. The heat-resistant oven mitts are 14.75" inches long and can fit a forearm 10" inches in circumference. The extended length protects the user’s arms when reaching into hot ovens and the fabric sleeve is slightly flared along the side to provide a comfortable fit farther up the arm.

The oven mitts are ambidextrous which means either of them can be worn on either hand easily. Each oven mitt features a fabric loop on the side for easy storage. The buyer will be able to hang a set on a cabinet handle, near the grill, in a pantry, or wherever they find them most easy to reach.

The silicone oven gloves are also 100% waterproof and protect against scalding from steam. The user won’t have to worry about painful scalds from steam when draining boiled pasta or retrieving corn from a boiling hot pot of water. The unique raised pattern on the palms of the mitts also gives the user more control and stability in holding cookware. The mitts are easily washable with just soap and warm water.

The company says that it stands by all of its products and if the buyers are not happy with it, the company will do everything in its power to make it right. The company can be reached at the phone number 888-410-2340 or at the email address for all inquiries.


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