Frux Home and Yard Easy To Clean Oven Mitts Get Rave Reviews from Customers

Frux Home and Yard is an online seller that offers a wide variety of products for the kitchen and other areas around a home. Many of which receive 100s of 5-star reviews from purchasers. This includes one of the company’s hottest selling items, its Extra Long Silicone Oven Mitts. It’s a versatile item that can be used for handling all different types of hot items around the kitchen. These oven mitts even received an Amazon customer 5 star review because of how easy they are to clean. Verified purchaser BC stated, “Love these oven mitts. I needed a new pair of oven mitts and was looking for something easy to clean with silicon all over the mitts. These are perfect! It’s easy to grab the food out of the oven and it really protects from the heat. Plus, if a little food gets on the mitt you can just run it under water and clean it off without having to throw them in the laundry machine. They also look great in the kitchen. Couldn't be happier!”

A company spokesperson, Mike MacDonald, acknowledged that their extra-long oven mitts are one of their bestsellers and they have been for a long time. That’s because there are so many traits they have that customers like about them. One customer even wrote a 5-star review because the mitts can be worn on either hand. This member of the LoGalbo family proclaimed, “Best oven mitts I have ever purchased or used! I ordered these silicone hot mitts for multiple purposes! One major reason is that we multitask in the kitchen and they are great for those who are ambidextrous. Mitts fit on either hand giving an excellent grip on all that is hot. They arrived exactly as shown on Amazon. We use them for both cast iron skillets and pots either on a gas cooktop, oven, or grill. Great for removing items from our Instapot. Mitts fit both my husband and son! They are long covering hands and forearms. We are very satisfied with my overall purchase and the price. Thank you for reading. I hope I was of some assistance.”

While being easy to clean and fitting either hand are great features, they are not the main reasons that people like these oven mitts according to MacDonald. He says probably their best feature is they can protect the wearer from hot temps up to 500-degrees. That’s very out of the ordinary for oven mitts that consist of so much soft, flexible, and comfortable silicone. Being lengthier also helps better protect a user’s forearms too (up to 14.75” long). Customer iel76 agreed with Frux Home and Yard’s assessment as to how high a temperature these heat resistant oven mitts can help a wearer withstand as she stated, “I will never use cloth oven mitts again. Rather than running from the oven carrying hot items, with these silicone mitts, I can hold the hot item while making a phone call or doing my taxes. Seriously, they keep the heat out so no fear about taking even the hottest items out of the oven. They are rather large, and to me, they are not pretty, but man they work! Highly recommended.”

The company spokesperson mentioned that the highlight features don’t stop there either. Many customers are also pleased that they come in 4 different colors. That’s great because then a customer that wants to display them on a wall can find a pair that does not clash with the kitchen décor. These silicone oven mitts also have added non-slip grips on the palms and the material they are made of is completely waterproof. He stated that they are also made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone, are completely waterproof, and are almost impossible to stain. Customers have even been known to put them down on a counter and set hot items on them instead to protect a counter’s surface. MacDonald added that those who would like to know more about their extra-long, high heat resistant oven mitts can get this information by visiting the Frux Home and Yard Store pages on Amazon.


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