Froth Coffee Bar To Launch First Froth Fall Festival In Haslet

Haslet, Texas based Froth Coffee Bar is delighted to announce that they are hosting their first-ever fall festival event. While most events have been canceled this Fall, the local coffee shop has partnered with several other local businesses in an effort to bring local customers this event, which will be held on Sunday, October 4th from 2 to 7 p.m.

Mark Douglass, the co-owner of Froth Coffee Bar, states, "We wanted to bring this Fall Festival event to the city of Haslet as a way of thanking the local community for all their support during these unprecedented times. We know that many of the normal seasonal events have been canceled for the year, and so we wanted to take it upon ourselves to bring a special event to the community where family and friends could gather and enjoy the cooler weather along with some fun fall activities. We know that times are tough for a lot of families, so with the help of some local sponsors, we decided to make all the activities and events free to the public. We hope that this will encourage many of the community members to join us in celebrating our first annual fall festival event."

Douglass states that they have put together several activities that appeal to members of the community of all ages, allowing for a fun afternoon of family and friendly activities that will bring together the community. Some of the activities that will be available throughout the day include a petting zoo, horse-drawn carriage, free pumpkins, arts, crafts, fun Fall games, and live music. Attendees can participate as much or as little as they want in these activities, with the promise of enjoying a fun time amid these difficult and challenging moments.

Working with the city to get the event approved was challenging as the city was cautious in approving the event due to the pandemic. To ensure safety to the public at the event, Froth Coffee Bar states that all attendees will be required to wear face-covering masks, maintain social distancing and use hand sanitizer between activities, as mandated by the city. They must also agree to follow all of the other CDC guidelines, all with the purpose of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Douglass states, "We all want to have a fun time and enjoy ourselves, but safety comes first and we ask that all attendees pay close attention to these regulations and follow them thoroughly, otherwise this will not be possible. We are all stressed and worried about the situation, so if you need a little distraction to take your mind out of these matters, we invite you to come enjoy a fun afternoon away from all problems."

The local coffee shop has set up a Facebook event where members of the community can confirm their attendance of the event, now formally known as the Froth Fall Festival. The event itself will take place in their bar, which is located at 1090 School House Road, Suite 600, Haslet. Over 60 people have already confirmed their attendance, while over 400 have expressed their interest in visiting to check it out throughout the day. This positive reception of the event has made sponsors of the event as well as the local coffee shop owners quite happy.

One of the event's sponsors spoke up about his expectations for the upcoming event. Eric Dailey says, “My family and I are so very excited about the Fall Festival at Froth Coffee Bar! In today's world of social distancing and ‘fun event’ cancellation, having a community event of this nature and magnitude is what my family and others have been waiting for. When I mentioned this event to my children, their eyes lit up and there were big smiles all around — especially the parts about carriage rides and a petting zoo! God bless you for organizing this event!”

The Froth Coffee Bar is a craft coffee bar that features espresso drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos and specialty drinks. The local shop offers a huge selection of desserts and bakery items made fresh just for Froth daily. The company's website offers more details on the Froth Coffee Bar and the Froth Fall event to be held on October 4th. Interested parties may reach out to Melissa Lazar to follow up on any inquiries as well.


For more information about Froth Coffee Bar, contact the company here:

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