Friendly Pest Control Providing Expert Services to North West Indianapolis

Friendly Pest Control’s North West office is a newest pest control company in Marion County. The company has had a great launch since they first opened their doors recently. They have helped hundreds of families already with all kinds of pest problems.

They plan on helping as many families and business owners as possible in Indianapolis. The company already has a lot of great reviews that mention their timely, safe, and reliable services. Multiple customers have also mentioned how friendly and helpful the team of exterminators is.

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Friendly Pest Control in the North West, IN region offers custom treatments, emergency services, and routine checkups. Their custom treatments are great because each one is specifically designed by a veteran pest exterminator to treat the certain pest. They don’t offer a generalized treatment because they believe that way of doing things is inefficient and makes it more expensive for the customer.

By doing custom treatments, the company is able to keep their services affordable while also maintaining the status of being the most reliable and safest in the area. Their emergency pest services come in handy when people are faced with dangerous situations involving wild and distressed animals or bees and wasps.

Residents should never try to deal with these situations on their own without a professional,” the manager said. Finally, the company has high star reviews on their routine checkups. These checkups make sure that pests never make it into a residential or commercial property into the future.

The company was started because there has been a major rise in the number of pest infestation cases in Indianapolis. The president of the company went on to talk about this a little bit in a recent interview, “Pests are becoming harder for the everyday citizen to treat. The reason for this is because pests are growing immune to everyday treatments. Treatments like over the counter sprays and traps and do it yourself methods don’t work like they used to. The ineffectiveness of these methods have caused the pests to grow out of control."

The company president then went on to state that, "Professional treatments are the best and one of the only options when a property is faced with a pest infestation. We started Friendly Pest Control in the North West region in order to help all the families and business owners in the area with their pest problems.

For local residents that are concerned about a pest problem, the expert team at Friendly Pest Control can be reached by phone or on their website at

They are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and Saturday. They are closed on Sundays. Don’t wait to call a professional when rodents or pests are invading a space. Pests spread quickly and usually have taken over the entire property by the time they are noticed.


For more information about Friendly Pest Control NW, contact the company here:

Friendly Pest Control NW
(317) 793-3652
Indianapolis, IN 46278