Friendly Pest Control Notice of Merger in Indianapolis

Friendly Pest Control has been providing professional pest control services to Indianapolis and Marion County for over twenty years. The company has helped thousands of families in the area with all kinds of different species of pests. Their most frequently requested services are for termites, cockroaches, and bed bug treatments and inspections. They have a team of fifteen professional pest exterminators who are all highly trained on how to treat any pest in the area.

The company has recently noticed a rise in pest infestations causing them to be overrun with phone calls. The president of Friendly Pest Control for Indianapolis recently said, “Pest infestations are on the rise and invading more homes and businesses than ever before. The main reason for this is because they are becoming immune to over the counter products like pest sprays and pest traps. These methods used to work well but don’t work like they used to."

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The company president then continued, "Professional services are becoming the only option and a lot of people are realizing this. That is why we have been extremely busy recently with new calls. We are grateful for all these new calls and to be able to help as many families with pest problems as possible. We are always looking to grow. We are always trying to grow our service area, customer base, and team.” The company has been growing like crazy recently and expects to grow even more.

Friendly Pest Control serving Indianapolis just announced on Wednesday that they plan on merging with another local pest control company. Although the other company is deciding to stay anonymous for right now, they will be giving Friendly Pest Control in Indianapolis brand new pest control equipment, new utility vans, and three new employees. This merger will help the company boost its growth to help as many people as possible.

A representative of the company recently said, “We are happy to announce that our company will be merging with another, currently unnamed, company. In this merger we will receive brand new employees, new utility equipment, and pest control utility vans. The new vans will help the team get to their destinations more reliably to help local residents no matter how bad the road conditions are. The new pest control equipment will be able to handle any infestation in the safest and most efficient ways possible. Finally, the most exciting. We will be hiring three new pest exterminators who all have a ton of experience in pest control. They all have great work ethic and learn quickly. I know they will do a great job at protecting our local Indianapolis residents from pests.”

The company offers custom treatments, routine checkups, and emergency services. Their custom treatments are by far the most popular in the area. Each treatment is custom designed for each species of pest in the area. This means that the company offers no generalized treatment. This ensures the safest, quickest, and most reliable results no matter which pest is causing a problem.

Routine checkups are great because they guarantee long term protection against every kind of pest in the area. Their exterminators routinely check for entry points that the pests might be using to get in and out of a property. Finally, they offer emergency services for when people are faced with dangerous situations. This usually includes wild and distressed animals or bees and wasps.

Contacting Friendly Pest Control for a home, business, or any structure in the Indianapolis area is advised if a rodent or pest issue is a concern. The expert team of exterminators can be reached by phone or on their website at They are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m Monday through Saturday but are closed on Sundays. An employee of the company recently said, “Pest infestations spread fast so if you think you have a pest problem call immediately. We will be able to help you with any pest problem you might have.”


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