Fresh Start Home Sales Says People Can Find More Buyers for Their House When They Find Rent to Own Tenant Buyers

Fresh Start Home Sales, a real estate solutions company based in Snelville, GA, wants to advise home sellers that they can find more buyers by selling their house by rent to own contract. And by allowing a tenant-buyer to rent the home temporarily while saving up for the down payment or improving his or her credit score to qualify for home financing, they may even get their asking price. Prospective buyers obtained through the traditional method of selling a home will usually try to negotiate for a lower selling price. In fact, they may keep trying to negotiate up to the closing date.

Fitz Thompson, a representative for Fresh Start Home Sales, says, “Have you found it difficult to sell your house? If you sell your house rent to own, this will help you find more buyers and get your asking price! Find out if it's right for you. Give us a call and let’s discuss your options.”

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Home sellers trying to sell their house conventionally through the help of a real estate agent may likely have found that their property has been on the market for longer than they'd like. Selling a house will not likely always go as planned. Some may sit on the market for months and it could be very frustrating. By using a rent to own agreement, this will open the property to a whole new group of potential buyers. The homeowner would be more likely to sell the house, receive the asking price, and have the money that could be used to start anew. The rent to own arrangement can actually be very beneficial for both buyers and sellers.

There are actually a lot of people who want to own a house but certain frustrating circumstances have prevented them from achieving their dream. They could have made some mistakes that have caused a blemish on their credit rating and they have discovered that they could not get a bank approval for home financing. Others may have found themselves in financial difficulties that caused them to use up their savings. Thus, they don’t have enough funds for the substantial down payment required when buying a house. Fortunately, it is possible to rent to own homes with bad credit. Home sellers can let them start living in the house immediately for a monthly rent but the tenant-buyer has the opportunity to buy the property later on. After two or three years, the tenant-buyer may be able to improve his or her credit score sufficiently to get a bank approval for home financing.

Some home sellers may be reluctant to sell their home via a rent to own contract because they are afraid to become landlords. However, it is important to note that tenant-buyers are not the usual tenants because they will be motivated to keep and maintain the property well because they hope to own it in the future. And there would be no problem with the monthly rent because if they fail to pay it on time, that would be a violation of the agreement and they lose their chance to own the property.

Selling the house via rent to own is beneficial for the home seller because they can receive a down payment up front and then get to receive a monthly income. Home sellers may use the money they received up front to purchase a new property or move on to something else. And the monthly rental income will likely be higher compared to the rent being paid for other properties in the area. And in the event that the tenant buyer defaults on the agreement, the home seller can foreclose on the property and still keep the down payment and rent received.

Home buyers who are looking for companies that sell rent to own homes may want to visit the Fresh Start Home Sales website or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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