Fresh Start Home Sales Rent To Own Homes Discusses How to Avoid Being Taken Advantage of When Looking for Lease to Own Homes

Fresh Start Home Sales, an Atlanta area company that specializes in rent to own homes, is offering people 5 tips on how to avoid being misled into losing money by someone that is offering these types of properties. While they acknowledge that most rent to own home specialists like themselves run legitimate businesses that give people a unique opportunity to own a home, they also realize there are some unscrupulous players in the business too. The company states that those who follow these 5 tips should be able to avoid getting themselves in situations that will cost them money and not receive anything in return for what they paid.

The spokesperson for Fresh Start Home Sales, Fitz Thompson, says, “We are a company that firmly believes that everyone should be able to own a home even if they are not able to do that in a more traditional way. We are also rent to own home specialists that believe in operating our business with honesty and integrity. Unfortunately, over the years we have experienced that this is not the case with some rent to own home companies across the country whose sole purpose is to attempt to get money from someone by misrepresenting themselves. The tips that we give here will go a long way toward insulating people from these types of individuals as they embark on their rent to own home shopping journey.”

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Thompson said that the first tip to avoid losing money without getting anything in return for those who are searching for a rent to own home is to always get some background information on the selling agent they are dealing with. He added that money should also never be transacted unless the client has a legitimate contract in-hand. Another tip was to never feel pressured into doing a deal on the spot during the first meeting. The company spokesperson also said, if the person they are dealing with claims to be the property owner, they should check online to verify that that person’s name matches the name on the title of the property. He further advised that if a client has a gut feeling that something is wrong with a rent to own deal, they should follow their gut instinct and just leave because another property that they like will come around eventually.

In addition to the tips given on ways to avoid being taken advantage of in a rent to own situation, Thompson also mentioned a few other things that should be done to make sure a rent to own transaction is legitimate. He stated that clients who are going to visit a prospective rent to own home should not only do some research on the selling agent before they go but also ask that agent to positively identify themself when they arrive to look at the home. The company spokesperson even suggested that for many reasons besides just avoiding selling agents with bad intentions, it may be better to avoid dealing altogether with rent to own agents who do not have an established reputation in the business. He even stressed that it’s always best to have a lawyer look at a contract before making any upfront payments. Red flags that may indicate an agent is not who they say they are include emails written in broken English and selling agents whose profiles cannot be found on a Google search.

Thompson ended by saying, “it’s up to the client to be diligent enough to avoid being taken advantage of in a rent to own home deal. As they say, when a deal appears to be too sweet, it usually is and a client needs to think twice before agreeing to it. We never recommend anyone rushing into sealing a rent to own home deal either. Hopefully, these tips will help those looking for rent to own homes in Atlanta avoid being lured into giving money without getting anything in return. They should also arm someone with a sense of confidence as they go about looking for these types of properties.” He added that for those that are looking for a house in the Atlanta area to rent with the option to buy, a free list of the homes that they offer can be seen at


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