Fresh Start Home Sales Explains the Benefits of Selling a Home Rent to Own

Fresh Start Home Sales, a company based in Snelville, GA, wants to emphasize the benefits of selling a home rent to own. While some alternatives for selling a house can save money and others allow the home seller to save time, selling a home rent to own will provide access to two more ways to get buyers, produce income, and usually, home sellers can make more money than they expected from the sale of their property. This unique strategy can allow access to people who are actually good prospects but don’t have sufficient funds for the down payment and the closing costs for a traditional home financing deal, to start the homeownership process.

Fitz Thompson, a spokesperson for Fresh Start Home Sales, says, “We’re investors with lots of experience in the Atlanta real estate market. We often buy properties fast for cash, but we have other creative solutions too. Selling a house rent to own is one such solution. Some people may want to buy a home but are not yet ready for some reason. For those who do not want to wait and who are eager to become homeowners, they will certainly jump at the opportunity for an equally useful rent to own home. When you sell your home in this manner, you are opening the door for a variety of new buyers that might not have had the ability to purchase any other way. This provides you extra choices, money in your pocket quicker, as well as the possibility to obtain your asking price without any hassle or long negotiations.”

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Deals involving rent to own homes have been increasing in popularity for the past few years such that it is now one of the most promising options for people who want to buy and own a home. In fact, Fresh Start Home Sales has an Atlanta rent to own home program that offers various types of houses including two-bedroom to four-bedroom houses; those with a floor area of 1,400 to 2,500 square feet; homes with updated bathrooms and kitchens; and homes with various upgrades.

For people who want to sell their home, allowing their property to become available for rent to own will allow them to find more prospective buyers than if they only look for people who are looking a home and have the capacity to purchase, usually with the help of a home financing arrangement and this means they have enough money for the down payment and a good enough credit standing to get approved by the bank.

By allowing the house to be acquired through the rent to own process, the seller will be able to find more prospective buyers who will be glad to have the opportunity that they would willing to pay the full market price for the chance to delay the closing by 12 to 18 months later while paying for the rent every month on time. This means there would be no pressure to lower the selling price. This is in contrast to selling the house through the conventional means where it is listed and prospective buyers come and inspect the home. Prospects will likely try to negotiate for a lower selling price and they will keep this up until the final closing.

Furthermore, tenant-buyers are motivated to maintain the house while renting it since they expect to own it in the future. Thus, selling a house rent to own allows the seller to enjoy consistent earnings for the months that the tenant-buyer is renting the home. The homeowner can actually be assured that the tenant-buyer will be paying the monthly rent on time because failure to do so might mean that he or she will lose the opportunity to buy the property.

Those who are interested in learning more about better options for selling a home may want to check out the Fresh Start Home Sales website or contact them on the phone or through email. Fresh Start Home Sales Fitz Thompson says, “If you are saying, “I’d like to know how to sell my house rent to own,” call us anytime or send us a text. We’ll be glad to help you out.”


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