Fresh Start Home Sales A Snellville Based Rent To Own Homes Company Points Out The Best Reasons For Buying Rent To Own Homes

Fresh Start Home Sales of Atlanta recently discussed the best reasons for buying a rent to own home. This is constructive advice that comes from a company that specializes in helping people who are interested in buying rent to own homes. They state that rent to own homes is fast becoming the most popular way for those with less than stellar credit to own a home. The company encourages people even with bad credit to work with them, so they do not have to give up on their homeownership dream.

Company spokesperson, Fitz Thompson, says, "When people are out shopping for new homes, they often fail to consider looking into rent to own homes as an option. This is something that we at Fresh Start Home Sales often raise our eyebrows to when we think about it. That's because many prospective home buyers simply fail to see that buying a rent to own home offers them many benefits that more traditional home-buying methods do not. This is especially true for those who have credit that is questionable regarding meeting the strict requirements for home loans. That's why we don't mind taking the time to discuss the benefits associated with rent to own home ownership in a little more detail."

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Thompson pointed out that perhaps the most significant benefit of going the rent to own home route is that it will get people into a comfortable home that they like much sooner than if they had to save up for a significant down payment. Sometimes families will end up staying for years in a cramped apartment as they try to accumulate the hefty sum of money required for a down payment to buy a home outright. When purchasing a rent to own home, people with bad credit will then be able to get into a home sooner than later. They will then have several years in a relaxing home environment to repair their credit and then eventually purchase their home outright. The company spokesperson says that people can improve their credit while they are already in their new home, but many rent to own home contracts come with a 'forced saving' option. This option means that a portion of the rent they have paid will be credited toward their home's purchase price when they are ready to take over full ownership. Getting in a new home sooner simply is not possible with almost every other type of home buying option.

According to the company spokesperson, when in a rent to own home situation, people are also not committed to having a long-term mortgage they are stuck with. This is good because it gives those who are on a Rent To Own Home contract a chance to make sure that they are comfortable with their new home before committing to a longer-term deal. He mentioned that nobody would buy a car without first test driving it, so why would someone want to make a more significant and longer-term investment into a home they simply walked through for a few hours. There is much peace of mind that comes with signing a long-term contract on a home that someone is sure that they will like. Thompson also stated that the credit ratings required for more traditional home loans have really gotten out of hand lately. He said that even people with good jobs and fair credit are being turned down for more typical types of home loans. Buying a rent to own home frees people from the stress, worry, and sometimes demeaning way that more traditional home-buying situations play out.

The company spokesperson added, "These are just some of the reasons why people love the idea of moving into a rent to own home. Rent To Own Home buying is definitely the answer for people who are asking themselves, 'but my credit is bad, where can I find rent to own homes in Atlanta, and can I even qualify?'. There are very few people who work diligently with us who can't find a way to get into a new home that they will rent with an option to buy." He says that those in the Atlanta area interested in finding rent to own homes with bad credit scores can do so by calling them, sending them an email, or filling out the form found on their website's 'contact us' page.


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