Free Roofing Advice Shared for Homes in Clinton Twp

Clinton Township, MI-based Miller's Home Improvement is reaching out to explain how homeowners can identify minor roofing damage. The company’s goal is to inform their community about every option at their disposal where potential repairs are concerned.

As part of their outreach efforts, the company recently published a blog post on their website that explores the subject in greater detail. It says, “With a roof, a home is protected from rain and snow. A roof is important for a home because it helps keep the house dry and with comfortable temperatures. Over time, your roof will suffer from natural wear and tear, which means if a strong storm passes through, it can get much more severely damaged than brand new ones. For this reason, you may ask: Is there such a thing as minor roof damage?”

The company explains that many issues can fall under the umbrella of minor damage. This includes missing or cracked shingles, small holes, or even spots that are noticeably more worn out. Miller's Home Improvement states that they tend to consider any issue to be minor if the overall structural integrity of the roof is preserved — but not enough for the homeowner to comfortably continue residing on the property. Here, most contractors would not go so far as to recommend a full roof replacement, but the damage also should not be ignored because it presents a vulnerability in the roof that could swiftly get worse in the right circumstances, be they the passage of time, a storm and so on.

As such, any professional whose expertise includes roofing in Clinton Twp will recommend caulking around the edges of the hole and re-shingling. Notably, this is often simple enough for a homeowner to do by themselves, but the company advises that an attempt only be made if they are already familiar with the process. If not, they may simply set themselves up to experience even bigger problems in the future. Most professional roofers will be willing to do this job for a relatively small fee, so inexperienced homeowners are advised to take advantage of this option instead.

In some cases, the roof may only be missing a few shingles, so replacing them is a relatively straightforward matter, especially if the issue is only in one part of the roof. The company advises that homeowners take the time to find new shingles that match their roof’s existing design in both style and color. While different shingles of other colors would still be functional, the company points out that they would be more obvious to anyone taking a cursory look at the roof. Even if the homeowner does not care about the property’s aesthetic appeal, they should remember that losing curb appeal can affect the value of their home if they ever wish to sell it in the future.

On the other hand, homeowners can identify major roofing damage by the degree of examining whether it affects the roof's structural integrity. Trees (or even heavy branches) falling on the roof can cause this kind of damage, for instance, causing leaks and otherwise exposing the interior to the elements. Miller's Home Improvement explains that their team would repair such damage by “replacing the damaged roofing material, repairing the damaged roofing material, using a metal safety belt to secure the faulty rafters and removing or securing the damaged rafters.”

One aspect to remember with any roofing job is that certain problems may appear to have obvious, straightforward solutions, but this could be far from the truth. If the homeowner is ever in doubt that they can handle the project alone, it is highly recommended that they take the safer alternative and hire a reputable professional who will ensure it is done right.

The Miller's Home Improvement blog post offers additional insight on the subject that the community at large is invited to look up via the company’s official website. Homeowners who wish to engage the company’s professional roofing services will also be able to find more information regarding availability, financing, and so on through this platform. If they prefer, Eric Miller of Miller's Home Improvement can be reached via phone or email.


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