Fortify Your Mind With Shawn Tiberio

Shawn Tiberio, based in Chatsworth, CA, would like to reach out and help others unleash their inner lion. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, author and motivator who is dedicated to helping people think more like bigger versions of themselves.

Tiberio has experience as a marine, having served honorably in the Marine Corps for 10 years, during which he was deployed multiple times. He has undergone extensive training as an Ironman Triathlete, which led to him become an Ironman All World Athlete for three consecutive seasons. His experiences as a marine and an athlete have shown him the importance of having the proper mindset and truly unleashing one’s self.

Since 2006, Tiberio’s focus has been to build businesses to succeed. He has not always been successful, but he considers failing to be part of the journey and success as the reward.

He has taken his experiences and the tactics he employed over the years to command his thoughts and build multiple businesses and compressed it all into his book: Fortifying Your Mind. In the book, he emphasizes that leadership is not just about leading others, it is also about setting a standard for leading one’s self. Controlling one’s thoughts is more important than any other skill that a leader can possess. The way they handle everyday difficulties is what sets good leaders apart from terrible ones.

The book also contains Tiberio’s breakdown of the five major tactics that were used during his combat deployments. He assures readers that they will come away with a tried and proven system for shutting down the voice of self-doubt. In fact, the book has earned critical praise from its readers.

International bestselling author Susan Friedmann says, “Filled with fresh insights, bold strategies and practical tools, this powerful book will help stop your fears from holding you back, so you can make radical and positive changes to your life.” Meanwhile, Gunnery Sergeant Greg Clear comments that, “Shawn is one of the most strong-minded individuals I know. I had the privilege of being his recruiter when he joined the Marine Corps, watching him grow into and excel at everything he puts his heart and mind into. His can-do attitude is something rare, and he puts it all out there in this book.”

Tiberio also hosts an event called Unleash Your Inner Lion where he guides attendees on a personal life journey and gives them the clarity needed for them to reach a higher level of life. He asserts that the event is not a ‘happy-go-lucky powder puff weekend.’ It is a gritty event where attendees will have to challenge themselves like they never have before. Attendees can expect world class training from top trainers in multiple businesses while they stay in a luxury home during the event. Food will be provided, and a party will also be held to celebrate the occasion.

Tiberio guarantees that attendees will find a new drive to succeed and discover the steps needed to make success a reality. In fact, past attendees have a lot of positive things to say about the event.

Dennis Young says, “You’re holding yourself back, and you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t come to really discover the real you, that inner lion and being able to unleash that force of nature that you have within you so definitely come.” Similarly, Hector De Santiago shares that, “My biggest takeaway from this weekend is to stop underestimating myself. This morning, I didn’t think I could run a mile, and this morning at 6 am, we ran four miles and did about an eight mile hike. I’m still alive, still kicking and inspired to grow outside my shell.”

Furthemore, Tiberio can also be booked to speak and deliver tailor-made inspirational messages at events. His speaking philosophy is based upon his understanding of what audiences want to hear. He understands that audiences do not want to be taught but instead prefer to hear inspiring stories of real people and their achievements. When he speaks, he tries to entertain and inspire people to help them achieve great results.

Want to know what Shawn can do for you? Interested parties may visit his website to explore further. Alternatively, they may contact him via email or call his office line for more details.


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