Fort Walton Beach and Navarre VPK Programs Now Open for Enrollment at Grow With Us Learning Academy

The Grow With Us Learning Academy has announced that it is not too late for parents to enroll their children in the Academy’s VPK program. Parents wishing to help their children jump-start their education should know that there are still spaces available in the Voluntary Pre-kindergarten programs at Grow With Us Learning Academy.

A “voluntary pre-kindergarten program” is an educational opportunity for children aged 4-5 that aims to help them get ready for both kindergarten and school. This program offers three hours per day of educational instruction, and, in addition, there is also wrap-around childcare available if required before and after the pre-k program. This classroom setting helps foster independence, cooperation, and communication skills that a child will need when moving up to kindergarten or school. The hands-on learning method used in these classrooms readies the students for pre-reading, writing, math, and comprehension skills.

Emily Johns, a spokesman for the Grow With Us Learning Academy program, said “Our Fort Walton Beach VPK program is an excellent opportunity for parents to give their children the best possible start to their education. Not only that, but the VPK program itself is also paid for by the Early Learning Coalition.”

Many studies have shown that pre-k programs can help foster academic success and that students who attend such programs will often do much better academically throughout their school careers. Apart from a general improvement throughout their school years, they are even more likely to graduate from high school and subsequently college. Some studies have even shown that students who attend pre-k are less likely to become addicted to drugs or alcohol.

The Grow With Us Learning Academy now has three locations in Fort Walton Beach in addition to the one in Navarre. All of them still have openings available for children to come into the VPK program. Emily went on to say, “We understand that each child is a unique individual, and we recognize the differences between each child, and this enables us to maximize the potential of each young child taking their first steps in education.”

In order to enroll in the VPK program, children must live in Florida and be four years old on or before September 1 of the school year they enroll, and this also includes children with special needs. Parents of 4-year-olds with special needs will be able to take advantage of a different program that operates outside of a classroom setting called the VPK Specialized Instructional Services (VPK-SIS).

Interested families can go to Grow With Us Learning Academy’s company Facebook page, which gives relevant information, as well as some pictures of the facility. There are also some reviews from parents whose children either attend the VPK or who are there for childcare. Grow With Us Learning Academy is a locally owned preschool focused on early childhood education with low ratio classrooms. The organization has a 4.9 rating out of 5 by many parents who have posted reviews.

“Ms. Denise,” the Director of the Tupelo location, said that parents need to bear in mind that the slots for VPK students fill up fast. “You can’t think about it for too long and just assume that there will still be a place available for your prospective student.”

The school has also written about its philosophy. A statement online says that they see the role of teachers to be enthusiastic, reassuring, creative, and positive. Additionally, the school realizes that the experiences that children have while they are at the learning academy will affect their feelings toward school, other children, adults, and the world around them.

Furthermore, the school states that they take the position that the children’s feelings matter. “Their joy is shared, sadness is comforted, and accomplishments are praised,” the school posted on its website.

In addition to the Fort Walton Beach locations, there is also a Navarre VPK school located at 8059 Navarre Pkwy. Interested parents can find more information as noted above, or call them at (850) 586-7897.


For more information about Grow With Us Learning Academy, contact the company here:

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