Fort Myers Carpet and Tile Cleaning Company Helps Rescue New Area Hotel’s Grand Opening

Those who attended the recent grand opening of the Holiday Inn Express located at 11171 Summerlin Square Dr. Fort Myers Beach, Florida, probably do not realize that they owe at least some credit for this event taking place on time to one of the areas most reputable carpet and tile cleaning companies. That’s because just six days before the grand opening the hotel management realized they had a big problem on their hands trying to get numerous droplets of construction adhesives and other stubborn residues off of their many tiled floors. They subsequently decided to seek professional help with the matter and proceeded to get in touch with Alex and Lilly Hahn, co-owners of MacDaddy Carpet and Tile Cleaning. After the hotel found the company’s estimate for the job to be fair, the experienced floor cleaning company rearranged their busy schedule and completed the project in just 2 days. This was a welcome relief for the new Holiday Inn Express’s management team as they had already pushed back the Grand Opening date once because the hotel was not sufficiently cleaned enough to open. The work commenced on October 24th, 2020.

Company co-owner, Alex Hahn, says, “We received a call from Heather Sears the manager of the brand-new Holiday Inn Express Fort Myers. They were in a pinch as they were preparing to open this new location in 6 days. While preparing for the Grand Opening, they realized they couldn’t get the new tile floors cleaned using standard household cleaners. So, we looked at the project and squeezed it into our already busy schedule. We managed to clean 80 hotel bathrooms, which consisted of 3,400 sq. ft of tile plus the lobby which consisted of another 3,000 sq. ft of tile in 2 very long days! We promised them we would get it done in time for their Grand Opening. Promises made, promises kept."

Carpet and Tile cleaning Duo Alex and Lilly Hahn outside new Holiday Inn Express in Ft. Myers

Hahn went on to say that once they got to work on the tile cleaning project, they realized the job was going to be even tougher than they had first imagined. The crew had to use their many years of tile cleaning experience to come up with a sound tile cleaning plan that would allow them to complete the project on time. He added that after some trial and error cleaning the tile in the first few bathrooms, they were able to come up with a tile cleaning method that worked quickly and efficiently. From then on, the job started to proceed along very smoothly. The company owner says that although each workday was long and exhausting, they were very happy that they could come to the aid of this new hotel that was in a real pinch.

Heather Sears, the Manager of the Holiday Inn Express, gave one of the more glowing MacDaddy Carpet and Tile Cleaning reviews by saying, “Great company with amazing results. We were opening a new hotel and had some gunk and glue and who knows what else on our tiled areas from construction etc. So I saw an ad on Facebook and decided to get a quote. They set me up for an appointment, came out, gave a great bid, and we scheduled. It was a big job but two of them did it in less than two business days and were so helpful and professional. The floors look great now. I’m so glad I found them. We highly recommend them. Thank you for your service and professionalism.”

Hahn found the hotel’s assessment of their work to be very gratifying and stated it’s in keeping with the company’s motto of ‘Not trying to be the biggest carpet cleaning and floor care company in the area, but being determined to be the very best!’. He went on to say that they also offer other top-notch services which include carpet cleaning, grout cleaning, area rug cleaning, and they are among the best in the area when it comes to getting out pet stains & odors. For those that would like more information on this Fort Myers, FL-based company’s tile cleaning or other services, they can refer to their website which is found at


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