Forensic SEO Training Course Launched By American Way Media

This month American Way Media, an Austin-based SEO Company, launched its premier Forensic SEO Live Training class.

The training is led by AWM Director, SEO researcher and tester, Carolyn Holzman. It consists of four (4) live sessions spread over 4 weeks. Modules currently include - Week 1: Technical Issues, Week 2: On Page Issues, Week 3 - Deep Dive Into Link Profiles and Week 4: Under The Page.

Forensic SEO on Confessions of an SEO

The live training aspect is a break from the standard course development of pre-recorded videos. By having the direct interaction participants are encouraged to ask questions and bring their own confounding real world examples to the table for discussion in a closed environment.

“My career was built on reverse-engineering what was working for others and folding that knowledge into what I did for my clients who wanted to be found for those same searches,” said Holzman. “The private nature of the live, in-person training without replays provides a comfortable space for participants.”

She continued, “In my decade plus of doing what I do, I find most of the time site owners or SEOs focus solely on the site they are working on without gleaning the valuable information from their competitors, specifically those who are outranking them."

"Typically I find that most of us overvalue our own SEO work and undervalue, or worse, dismiss the work others have done and clearly done successfully. Forensic SEO to me, like testing, is a process of learning what works. My experience both as an SEO and an SEO tester has shown me that even without the drop in rankings or loss of traffic panic that is mostly identified with the need for a forensic seo audit, there is much in those SERPS to teach us and inform our work of making our sites more visible with search.”

In addition to her SEO consulting and testing, Holzman is also the host of the successful podcast Confessions of an SEO, now in it’s 2nd season with listenership covering seventy (70) countries. Confessions is about the “people-side” of SEO rather than a direct source of SEO tactics. In addition to stories about her SEO career, some episodes cover the results of her own seo tests.

One ongoing test is the public testing in which she has published daily results since late August 2021. That testing project concerns the widespread lack of Google indexing new content published and submitted via the Google Search Console that Holzman noticed when she started testing indexation on a weekly basis earlier in 2021. Confessions can be found anywhere podcasts are available.

Those interested in learning more about the Forensic SEO Training course and how to get advance notifications when enrollment opens up again can find the details at


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