Focal Point Features Is Offering Installation Of Koi Ponds And Waterfalls In Austin, Texas

Focal Point Features is offering services such as installation, re-installation, repair, replacement, and annual cleaning of natural-looking ecosystem ponds in Austin, Texas, and nearby areas.

The company’s expertise lies in installing and maintaining water features such as koi ponds, goldfish ponds, pondless waterfalls, streams, boulder fountains, pottery fountains, decorative drainage, rain gardens, and more. The company can schedule weekly, biweekly, monthly, or seasonal maintenance services to keep water features populated with fishes clean and working flawlessly without organic matter buildup. They can even help homeowners and commercial property owners set up annual cleanings on less demanding water features such as ponds, fountains, and others that don’t need to be refreshed as often.

The company’s design and installation services are a great match for homeowners of newer properties who harbor a dream of having their very own personal water feature and need an expert contractor on their side to make it happen. The company can even upgrade an existing property to create a visually appealing and interesting water feature that can become its “focal point”. Focal Point Features can also support existing water features by periodically repairing and replacing equipment such as skimmers, pumps, liners, filters, plumbing, and more.

Dan Johanson, the company’s owner & designer, talks about what sets Focal Point Features apart from other companies in the space by saying, “All of our designs are created using a unique organic process that takes into consideration the specific topology of the land. We utilize only the best, highest-quality materials that are not only chosen due to their beauty and aesthetics but are also guaranteed to age gracefully and last for a long time. We never use cookie-cutter designs because we put immense thought into the requirements of the client and come up with custom solutions that respect the distinctiveness of the property and the financial resources that the client is comfortable allocating towards building their vision. We are confident that once we build the ideal water feature for you, you will return to it time and time again as it brings you unparalleled calm and peace, like your own personal slice of heaven that gives you the sanctity you crave, to escape from the maddening world. Our motto is 'Honesty Over the Dollar' and what that means is we will always recommend what is best for your pond and not our pockets.”

Readers can visit the company’s website at to view a gallery containing a portfolio of their past work. The huge list of actual site photos on the website can give prospective clients who are considering hiring the company many ideas on the possibilities that water features present and can even serve as a reference for a similar project that they might want to be installed on their own property. Readers contacting the company for specific help pertaining to existing water features can also select from different contact forms such as a pond clean estimate form, a pump replacement/repair form, or a general contact form depending on their purpose. The website also has a very valuable resource in the form of a DIY pump troubleshooting guide that can serve as a way for hands-on clients to diagnose the problems with their water feature pumps themselves before turning to the company’s services.

The company is an Atlantic-OASE Professional Contractor that is sponsored by an Atlantic-OASE Distributor Consultant that has a proven record of selling, building, and maintaining water features. As an APC, the company’s personnel regularly keep up with new products and attend training seminars to advance their abilities and product knowledge to better serve its clients. The company also receives a 1-year extended warranty on all Atlantic products which is an extremely valuable perk that all of its clients appreciate.

Focal Point Features can be contacted at the phone number 512-887-0778 or at the email address as well as their Facebook page. The company’s service area includes Austin, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Lago Vista, Leander, Lakeway, Bee Caves, Spicewood, Manor, and other nearby areas in Central Texas.


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