Florida Spine And Injury Offers Chiropractor Services In Gainesville

Florida Spine and Injury would like to reach out to Gainesville, Florida residents who may need a chiropractor. The clinic offers a variety of chiropractic treatments aimed at treating a wide variety of spine-related issues, and they strive to help their clients find relief from pain.

Florida Spine and Injury is the premier chiropractic care center in Gainesville. The clinic offers free consultation and has a team of highly experienced chiropractors who can help with all kinds of injuries. “If you were involved in a Traffic, Slip and Fall, Work, or any other type of accident in Gainesville, Florida, do not wait to come in for a free consultation with our chiropractors,” says the clinic. “Having an examination performed by a medical professional is the best way to ensure any potential injuries are properly diagnosed and treated promptly. If you wait to seek out treatment, it can lead to a worsening of symptoms or permanent damage — as well as lead to those injuries being excluded from any potential lawsuit. Do not wait. Call our chiropractors today for a free consultation and make sure that you give yourself the best opportunity for a full recovery.”

Patients at the Gainesville chiropractic care clinic can rest assured that they will receive the kind of medical care they need accomplished personnel. The team of accident injury professionals at Florida Spine and Injury has been helping accident victims with accident-related issues for over 20 years. The services they offer include whiplash treatment, sciatica pain relief, back pain relief, spinal decompression, and much more. Their medical team thoroughly examines and evaluates each patient’s injuries to determine the cause and extent of their injuries, thus allowing them to come up with an effective treatment plan.

Diagnostic testing is necessary in many cases to determine the extent of a patient’s injuries and provide an accurate picture of their condition. All Florida Spine and Injury clinics are equipped with an X-Ray machine that allows them to perform all the necessary tests during the initial consultation. If further testing is needed (which cannot be done at a Florida Spine and Injury), patients are sent to nearby facilities that do possess the necessary equipment.

The Florida chiropractic clinic also, in addition to their top quality medical personnel, offers access to experienced personal injury attorneys. “If you are seeking treatment after being involved in an accident, it is highly recommended that you also get a free consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney to determine if you are entitled to a financial settlement,” says the clinic. “Many times, when an individual is involved in an accident that was someone else’s fault, the at-fault person’s insurance company will try and give the accident victim a low-ball settlement which will barely cover any of their incurred expenses or pain and suffering damages. Having a team of Accident Injury Chiropractors and Personal Injury Attorneys working together for you gives you the best chance of getting a financial settlement that is fair to you and a successful physical recovery.”

Florida Spine and Injury offers a one-stop solution for all kinds of back pain. The clinic is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to relieve their patients of pain and get them back to feeling great. They offer their patients access to a variety of resources that they might need when handling the aftermath of an accident. A number of their patients have left great reviews of the clinic.

One client left a review that states, “The folks at Ocala Spine and Injury are the best. I have been treated by them for peripheral neuropathy in my legs. Truthfully, I didn’t expect much but was greatly surprised. Rose and Rich worked with me for a number of sessions, and I am 95% better. The program works! Rose and Rich are awesome!”

Another patient shares that they “Love this place, and the staff is fabulous. I’ve had decompression therapy on my lower back and neck, and it’s been wonderful. The professional staff (mixed in with humor and personality) make my 1 hour of treatment so much fun. I’d recommend this facility to anyone who has back and neck issues. PS: Dayna is live entertainment!”

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