Florida Family Law Attorney Russell Knight Explains Filing An Emergency Motion For A Divorce Or Family Matter In Collier County, Florida

Florida family law attorney Russell Knight releases a new blog post (https://divorceattorneynaplesfl.com/how-do-you-file-an-emergency-motion-in-a-naples-florida-collier-county-divorce-or-family-law-matter/) that discusses how to file an emergency motion for a divorce or family matter in Collier County, Florida. The lawyer mentions that during a divorce process or any family law matter, there are things that may suddenly come up and require the attention of the court.

According to the Florida family law attorney, “To get a Collier County, Florida court to address these sudden matters you must file an emergency motion in order to have the judge hear your case immediately. Having an emergency motion heard immediately is no small feat in Naples, Florida.”

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The lawyer explains that there are many steps to be followed before the court is able to address the sudden issue. This means that matters will have to undergo “due process” before they are able to be addressed by the court. Due process means that there will be a fair hearing on the matter and that all parties involved may be given time and resources to defend their cases.

Additionally, attorney Russell Knight, an emergency motion is a motion that asks for an emergency hearing where all parties involved may not have enough time to consider the matter properly.

The family law attorney also adds that there are currently two judges in Collier County, Florida who handles family law matters. The petitioner will have to prepare the emergency motion, file the emergency motion and then drop it off at the judge’s office. After that, the judge will decide if the emergency motion is indeed an emergency.

In addition to the aforementioned, if the matter is deemed to be an emergency, the judge will schedule a hearing at a time convenient to the judge. This means that the petitioner will have to adjust to the time given by the judge, not the petitioner’s time. If the matter is not deemed to be an emergency, the judge will declare the matter NOT an emergency and the petitioner can file it as a regular motion instead.

Lastly, attorney Knight emphasizes how important it is to have an experienced attorney when it comes to family law matters. Having a skilled family law attorney may be able to help the client understand their rights and what steps they need to take next.

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