Florida Divorce Lawyer Russell Knight Discusses Being a Spanish Speaking Lawyer in Naples, Florida

Florida divorce lawyer Russell Knight releases a new article (https://divorceattorneynaplesfl.com/being-a-spanish-speaking-lawyer-in-naples-florida/) that explains the works he does as a Spanish-speaking divorce attorney in Naples, Florida. The lawyer mentions that people may be surprised at him speaking Spanish fluently since he does not look like a Spanish person at all. He mentions that being fluent in the language is an accomplishment for him.

“Frankly, English-to-Spanish computer translators just don’t work. Having seen thousands of translators in and out of court, words and concepts just get glossed over. It takes more time to say something in Spanish than it does to say it in English so the translator simply must skip words. Worse yet, the translator won’t be familiar with legal concepts and will get the essence of the translation wrong,” says the Florida divorce attorney.

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The lawyer explains that it’s a pleasure for him to be able to help Spanish-speaking clients in both Chicago and Naples Florida. He also adds that there simply is no personal connection when the lawyer uses a translator, and the personal connection is very important since the lawyer will be helping the client through a rough time in their life.

Attorney Russell Knight explains that a lot of clients will want to speak with the lawyer instead of the staff or a translator. This is understandable given that clients are paying good money for a lawyer to represent them, so it is important that their lawyer is someone who they can communicate with comfortably.

In the article, attorney Knight also details his steps in learning Spanish. He mentions that he used to drive through Chicagoland while listening to “learn Spanish” tapes in his car. Then, he starts to see a tutor for an hour before the court every day. When he quit his job, he went to a Spanish learning academy in Mexico for a month.

According to the divorce lawyer, “Today, roughly 25% of my clients are Spanish speakers. It’s my pleasure to help hard-working people get through life’s legal problems with the dignity and respect that anyone else would expect no matter what language they speak or where they are from.”

Lastly, attorney Knight emphasizes the importance of having a competent lawyer who can explain the complicated nature of Florida's child support laws. A skilled lawyer may be able to help clients understand their rights when it comes to child maintenance.

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