Florida Divorce Attorney Russell Knight Explains the Possibility of Getting a Divorce in Florida if They Married in Another State

Florida divorce attorney Russell Knight releases a new article (https://divorceattorneynaplesfl.com/if-i-was-married-in-another-state-can-i-still-get-divorced-in-naples-florida/) explaining the possibility of getting a divorce in Florida if they got married in another state. The lawyer mentions that people often think that the place where they got married will matter in a divorce. But this is not the case. When it comes to divorce, it does not matter where the marriage took place.

“If you were married in any other state in the United States under the laws of that state, Florida will acknowledge that marriage and therefore allow you to dissolve that marriage through Florida’s laws. If you were married outside of the United States, Florida will acknowledge that marriage so long as the marriage was legal in the country you were married in,” says the Florida divorce attorney.

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The lawyer adds that while Florida does not recognize common law marriages, if the state where that common law marriage was formed recognizes the marriage, Florida will consider the couple married for the purpose of dissolution of marriage. Most states no longer consider common law marriages as a legal status.

Attorney Russell Knight adds that informal unions recognized by foreign law as being a relationship with legal status but short of being a full marriage such as the Union Marital de Hecho under Colombian law will not consider a marriage under Florida Law. This union will also not be eligible for a divorce under Florida Law.

In the article, attorney Knight explains that “The most important thing in seeking a divorce in Florida is to ensure that one of the parties has lived in Florida for at least 6 months. A copy of the marriage certificate from the state, county, or country you were married in or any other documents relating to the wedding or marriage are not necessary to obtain a divorce in Florida. If you were lawfully married and you’ve lived in Florida for 6 months, you may get divorced in Florida.”

Lastly, the Florida divorce lawyer emphasizes the importance of having a skilled lawyer when it comes to matters such as alimony and asset division. Having an experienced attorney may be able to help the client understand their rights and responsibilities in the case.

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