FLO Cycling's AS 64 Disc Bike Wheel Receives Glowing Review From Bike World News

Bike World News, an online publication that deals with pro-cycling news, products, tech, and other related topics, has published a review of the FLO Cycling AS 64 Disc bike wheel. The review summarizes the bike wheel as being particularly well suited to wide-speed riding and mentions that it punches way about its weight class when it comes to the value it provides.

The Bike World News review starts by mentioning that carbon wheels were once a luxury that was reserved for those with deep pockets or those riding at a pro-level. However, as material science and manufacturing narrow the gap between everyday use wheels and high-end wheels, many more riders will find that they can now afford carbon hoops for daily use.

The review mentions that FLO Cycling has an All Sport (AS) lineup that has a number of wheels for all kinds of riding enthusiasts. The lineup contains the 49 AS, 64 AS, and 77 AS wheels, where the number represents the height of the rim in millimeters. The different sizes are meant to appeal to different use cases such as climbing, general use, and speed trials. Each of the wheels has an external rim width between 28.3 to 28.8 mm and an internal width of 21 mm.

The review recognizes the company’s philosophy of prioritizing the reduction of the rolling resistance. The internal rim width plays a major role in reducing rolling resistance and after much deliberation, FLO Cycling settled on 28 mm as the ideal rim width. FLO Cycling then designed the aerodynamic profile of the rim around the tire and its shape. While deciding the depth of the wheel, the company realized that the deepest wheel wasn’t always the fastest as it doesn’t always provide the best crosswind stability. In the 65 to 90 mm range, the 77 mm wheelset was faster than the company’s previous 90mm wheelset. FLO Cycling also optimized its carbon layup to act as a leaf spring and reduce the vibration felt by the rider. The company’s optimized tire pressure guide also helps the rider smooth out rough surfaces and keep the tire firmly planted on the riding surface.

The reviewer then mentions that for assessing the All Sport lineup, they chose the 64 AS bike wheel because it offers a balanced experience for both speed and climbing. The review then discusses the ease of installation that the wheels provided. The reviewer also noted that the wheels looked incredible on their bike and said that they were the deepest wheels they had ever run. The review also praises the stability of the wheels in the crosswinds, applauding FLO Cycling for the attention that they paid to the rider’s experience in adverse conditions.

The reviewer then goes on to say that they were able to achieve healthy speeds with the bike wheels and noticed the tangible aerodynamic benefits that the wheels offered to achieve and maintain that speed. The wheels were also very capable of handling any uphill climbing challenges and struck a good balance between their weight and aerodynamics.

In other parts of the review, the reviewer also recommended its readers to check out the informative and exhaustive blog series posted by FLO Cycling that does frequent deep dives into aerodynamics, rolling resistance, and many other parts of wheel design, including testing, training, and economics. The reviewer also noted that when buying wheels from FLO Cycling the buyer can choose from a selection of freehubs and wheel stickers to customize their bike to their heart’s delight. The reviewer also noted that FLO donates 1% of all sales to their Bike For A Kid program that is run in partnership with the Ironman Foundation.

The reviewer summarizes the review by saying, “I liked them so much, that I ended up purchasing them from FLO. Whether it is an upcoming Crit, a long-distance duathlon, or a charity century, the FLO Cycling 64 AS Disc is my go-to wheelset.”

Readers can find out more about FLO Cycling’s product offerings by heading over to its website at FLOcycling.com.


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