Fleet Management Software announced by Fleet Cost and Care

Fleet Cost and Care, a fleet management solutions company, has announced their new fleet management software, which could make fleet management easier for dozens of fleet managers across the country. With software and mobile applications that allow fleet managers to run their fleets more efficiently, Fleet Cost and Care promises simpler operations, greater productivity, and better business.

Their software gives fleet managers and their teams an easy to follow, step by step process that captures only the data important for fleet management, in real time. This innovation will allow fleet managers to run fleets of vehicles without waiting for information or using bunches of paper to print it all out. Instead, managers using fleet management software from Fleet Cost and Care can give their employees exactly the information they need, when they need it, so these employees can get their jobs done faster. With their convenient mobile fleet management application, employees in the field can complete safety checklists, take pictures, and even collect necessary signatures digitally at the job site. Employees can also enter their hours in the app to be automatically be sent to the payroll or equivalent team for processing.

Tasks that were once manual for fleet managers can now be automated by the software provided by Fleet Cost and Care. Standalone systems are eliminated with one solution that covers all the workflows needed in fleet management. The standardization of process across a business, via the application, can help work happen more efficiently. The sales and dispatch time will likely spend less time cleaning up errors and transferring data between separate systems, thus freeing up more time to work on the parts of the job that produce real revenue. All of these improvements can help a company generate greater profits, as the technology is able to handle the most tedious work. As the Fleet Cost and Care website explains, the technology is not meant to replace fleet managers, but to enhance their tool set and serve their needs. The right fleet management software will help the fleet manager get more work done more efficiently, and also reduce or eliminate the need for a separate CRM system, allowing businesses to manage all of their sales activities in one centralized system. The NextGen Fleet Management software was designed by fleet owners for fleet owners, so fleet owners can trust it has the solutions they need for their business.

Fleet Cost and Care can also work with fleet management consultants, professionals with a great deal of experience in managing fleets, who can help businesses understand how to run their fleet more efficiently and cost-effectively. Fleet management consultants, or Fleet Cost and Care’s NextGen Fleet Management Software, can help fleet managers understand how much fuel they are using, data they can analyze to make improvements to minimize fuel usage. Especially as fuel gets more expensive, minimizing fuel expenditure is an important part of maximizing profits in a delivery or fleet management business. Trip data, including maps of where fleets are driving, can also be useful information for optimizing fleets and handling safety data involved in the trips being made. Fleet management consultants are also helpful when making new additions to a fleet, as they can help determine what needs a fleet has, and what vehicles might best serve the needs of a fleet. For example, a particular kind of vehicle might be more fuel efficient or have built in features that make navigation easier for drivers.

A quality fleet management software will keep track of all of this data and more, storing all the data in one centralized location, where employees and fleet managers alike can have access to the data they need to do their jobs to the fullest. A fleet management software like NextGen Fleet Management can help companies of any size streamline their quotes, scheduling, maintenance, accounting, invoicing, and many more often tedious tasks, freeing up time in the fleet manager’s schedule for other tasks.

Anyone with a fleet who is interested in fleet management software from Fleet Cost and Care can visit the company website or contact them today for more information.


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