Fleet Cost & Care Offers Crane Management Systems Software

Fleet Cost & Care, a company based in Detroit, MI, has announced that they are offering crane rental management software. These crane management systems allow the fleet owners to maximize utilization, reduce downtime, enhance productivity, and increase profitability. Customers of Fleet Cost & Care found that the software allows them to increase asset utilization by a least 5 percent when they use the company’s NexGen software. This 5 percent increase in asset utilization essentially adds the capacity of one crane per every 20 cranes owned. Thus, if the crane rental company earns $500,000 in one year, they can increase revenue by $25,000 with NexGen while not buying any additional equipment.

The software from Fleet Cost & Care can also help the client reduce unit downtime. Customers also realized that they can also decrease the time that their cranes are down by enhancing the way they monitor and track preventative maintenance. They are able to automate the scheduling of the servicing and maintenance of units through the NexGen software that helps them in monitoring when units will be down to allow them to schedule other equipment to be used during the downtime of a particular unit.

Another way that the software from Fleet Cost & Care can help crane rental companies is that their technician productivity is improved by approximately 10 percent. Companies with teams made up of 50 technicians experienced enhanced productivity by 10 percent, which is equivalent to five additional technicians’ working hours.

Of course, an important benefit customers found with the Fleet Cost & Care is the decrease in down renting and a boost in profitability. This is because the NexGen software reports on any inappropriate usage or underutilization of units that make up the fleet. With such a business intelligence, the crane rental company can enhance utilization and profitability of every unit, and make more informed purchasing and selling decisions regarding the various equipment. One company was able to reduce down renting on a single unit by 34 percent over the course of one year – with the result that it increased their revenue by $15,000.

Another way that the software can help is with regards to safety compliance, which in turn, results into lower insurance rates and reduced liability when it comes to costs of insurance claims and litigation. Here, the e-signature and safety checklist of the Atom software can easily be used in the field and can be checked on any computing device, such as a desktop or mobile devices in real time, ensuring that the the staff are complying with safety measures and are documenting verified inspections. It is also possible to check on the unit service history that can be viewed through the Atom software to examine various information on repairs and inspections of the equipment when there was an accident and litigation.

The NexGen software can also help crane rental companies monitor every part of the inventory and determine in real time where that part is located. This allows the company to avoid unnecessary purchasing and decrease the time spent looking for parts in various locations.

NexGen is a desktop fleet management software. It is designed to assist owners of heavy equipment rental companies and allow them to operate more efficiently. With NexGen, the customer can quote and schedule jobs, view daily, weekly, or monthly schedules, add or remove equipment, and perform all of the back office administrative tasks needed by the business. NexGen can also be integrated with an accounting system to provide a complete and comprehensive tool for the fleet owner.

Fleet owners can save time, ensure safety, improve data accuracy, and boost revenue by simplifying the way the work is done with NexGen. On the other hand, Atom is a comprehensive mobile fleet management app that helps fleet owners to manage operations by simply using their tablet or smartphone. All of the work done in Atom is synced in real-time with NexGen, which means that any work done in the field is immediately accessible to administrative staff in the office.

Crane rental companies interested to know more about how fleet management software can help them can check out the Fleet Cost & Care website or contact them on the phone or through email.


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