Fleet Cost & Care Shares Insight On Mobile Fleet Management Apps In Michigan

Detroit, Michigan based Fleet Cost & Care is reaching out to the community to share information on how mobile fleet management apps can help business owners store data for easy analysis. The company hopes that their efforts will also shed light on how businesses can easily plan new routes and operations in this manner.

Businesses that utilize work vehicles on a regular basis tend to share a common struggle: managing their mobile fleet in a way that is both effective and convenient. The success of these companies usually relies on the effective management of their infrastructure, pushing business owners to seek anything that will aid their endeavors. However, despite being one of the most useful tools at their disposal, few business owners know of the existence of mobile fleet management apps.

"Mobile fleet management apps allow you to manage your vehicles from anywhere on the go. Your company can continue to function optimally in the months and years ahead, requiring minimal input on your end to keep things running smoothly," states Jeff Curran of Fleet Cost & Care. He observes that state-of-the-art management apps of this nature boast several features that aim to facilitate the analysis and storage of all kinds of useful data, easing the lives of bold business owners that are not afraid to adopt them. While it can be daunting to dive into these apps without previous knowledge of how they work, the benefits that they produce tend to significantly outweigh the challenge of implementing them.

Curran continues, "Some of the benefits that these mobile management apps offer include granting immediate access to data points, allowing you to assign work to your employees from your tablet or smartphone. Whether you are heavily involved with construction, equipment rental or any other field that requires a commercial fleet of vehicles, you will be able to examine crucial data electronically to make sure everything is running as it should. All our fleet management apps are rigorously designed with an effective interface so that all crucial tasks can be completed with just a few touches on your screen."

One of the key features of these mobile apps is GPS tracking, which allows for real-time monitoring of all vehicles in a given fleet. All of the route data is stored and ready for analysis at a moment's notice, allowing dispatch managers to plan and implement shorter travel routes that can help the company save money. Mobile fleet apps for construction vehicles also take worker reliability into account, helping business owners observe their employees to ensure that they are performing assigned tasks within the specified parameters. They can even monitor whether or not their employees are following safety measures in real-time. This includes maintaining the proper speed, obeying traffic signs and signals and generally being courteous to other people who may also be on the road.

As a mobile fleet maintenance software expert based in Detroit, Fleet Cost & Care can help local businesses implement, set up and begin to make the most out of such apps. The company utilizes the Atom and NexGen apps, each of which caters to the needs of different businesses with their respective features.

Through the Capterra platform, Fleet Cost & Care has received several testimonials from satisfied customers. These comments offer an inside look at some of the positive aspects of the company's fleet management software as well as the challenges the company’s customers had to overcome.

A recent piece of feedback, written by Sarah E., says, "We love the ease of using Atom, being able to speed up the billing process and get accurate invoices out faster. We are just starting to utilize the reports to gain more insight on what is really going on within our company. We were able to adapt the schedule to be similar to how we scheduled in the past. Setting up billing codes was the biggest struggle for us when starting to implement the system. Also, getting our sales team used to imputing their quotes daily is an ongoing struggle with their paced job."


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