Fleet Cost &Amp; Care Announces Addition Of Sales Assistant Functionality To Fleet Sales Software

Fleet Cost & Care, a fleet management software company based in Detroit, Michigan, announced they have added Sales Assistant, a CRM-like functionality for their fleet management software. This new functionality will decrease or eliminate the need for a separate CRM system, allowing the company to manage all sales activities in one centralized system. Sales Assistant allows the user to: prioritize certain quotes, prospects, customers, or other criteria to make sure that the sales team can focus on those opportunities that have the highest chance of producing revenue; set tasks in NexGen and the Atom mobile app to monitor sales activities and send notifications to remind salespeople about vital follow-up tasks; and assign tasks to the different salespeople to inspire team collaboration and ensure that the sales team will working productively at all times.

Jeff Curran, President of Fleet Cost & Care, says, “If you’re a sales manager, you can access reports and dashboards for monitoring the open and completed tasks of your entire sales team, so you can really know the status of every sales opportunity. Sales Assistant is included with your annual fees and it’s already available. To schedule an update and start benefiting from Sales Assistant today, contact your customer success manager."

The Sales Assistant functionality can be enabled by a system administrator using the Set System Defaults screen, where security settings can be configured for each user of the NexGen and Atom fleet management software. And during this setup, the system administrator can establish the priority scales based on the Quotes, Customers, and WO Quote screens that are specific to the operations of the sales team.

Various tasks can be created to clearly specify what kinds of follow up tasks would be required to be completed. Examples of such tasks include: follow up call, entertainment invitation, pricing review, or site visit. And when creating a particular task, the assigner can set a due date, reminder date, priority level, and assignee. Users of Sales Assistant will be able to view tasks. Task Tabs are available on the Maintain Customers, Work Order Quotes, Job Quotes, and Trucking Quotes screens. New tasks can be created on these screens and any existing tasks may be accessed and modified.

Users can look for tasks using the search functionality in Atom by applying certain filters and keywords. Meanwhile, in NexGen, users with Sales Assistant would be able to view a Tasks tab on the Quote, Customer, and WO Quote screens, including the new Tasks lookup screen.

There are a number of primary benefits from using the Sales Assistant. These include: reduction or elimination of the need for a separate CRM system; availability of the Sales Assistant in both NexGen and Atom mobile app, thus making it a useful tool for salespeople wherever they are located; and access to sales management dashboards and reports to monitor both open and completed tasks of different members of the sales team. Sales Assistant is immediately available as an enhancement to Fleet Cost & Care’s fleet management software.

Fleet Cost & Care provides a complete fleet operations system that is more than just a dispatching tool. Using NexGen, clients are able to empower their teams and ensure operations run more smoothly, with fewer problems and operational interruptions, resulting into a more efficient and profitable business.

Fleet Cost & Care provides help to equipment rental companies in optimizing their business operations using software for quoting, dispatching, service, scheduling, invoicing, and reporting. As a result, users are able to discard standalone systems so they are able to save time, enhance data accuracy, and boost profit margins. By simplifying workflows, the result is higher productivity across all departments.

To learn more about fleet management apps with included CRM-like functionality, visit www.fleetcostcare.com


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