Flat Roofing Versatility Helping Calgary Roofing Company Better Serve Its Commercial Customers

Superior Roofing is a Calgary, Alberta-based contractor that works hard to serve the needs of both residential and commercial customers. They do this by offering a wide variety of reputable roofing services. This includes the large number of flat roof covering options that they offer. The company does this because those that manage it realize that the application of flat roof coatings is not a one size fits all type of roofing work. This commercial flat roof work versatility is what has contributed to them being one of the highest-rated roofing contractors in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

“We take great pride in being able to offer a variety of ways that we can place a new waterproof covering on the top of our commercial customers' flat roof buildings,” says the company owner-operator, Matt Nguyen. “Our company does this because of such considerations as the budgets our customers are working with, the type of existing roof covering that they currently have, and the amount of time that they would like their new roof coating to last before it needs to be redone again.”

Nguyen went on to describe some of the many different types of commercial flat roof coatings that they at Superior Roofing Calgary offer. This includes the application of modified bitumen roof coatings (also known as SBS and Torch Down Roofing). A flat roofing process that’s an improved form of tar and gravel roof because it uses added rubber and elastomers in the process to make it more durable and longer-lasting. He says since open flames are used in the process of putting this commercial flat roof covering down, a business only wants this type of roof covering to be installed by a company such as theirs that is experienced at doing it and also well-insured in case of mishaps. The company owner-operator also discussed how their crews are very good when it comes to applying EPDM (rubber) roof coatings. This is one of Superior Roofing’s most popular flat roof coverings because of its ability to resist weathering and the effects of UV light. He mentioned that this also makes it one of the most durable flat roof coverings that they offer and commercial customers of theirs like its reasonable price too.

The company owner-operator also went over what separates their commercial flat roofing services from the competition. This includes the fact that they only do such things as use mechanical fasteners when putting down FR board, using 2-ply SBS thermal-sealed protection on modified bitumen roof coverings, and install only 180 granular cap sheets (black, brown, or grey) on rubber roofs. He stated that they also make sure that the commercial roofs that they work on have the proper metal cap flashings, the number of scuppers and drains are adequate and installed properly, and any sealed penetrations are completely leak-free.

Those Calgary area companies that have had flat roof work performed by Superior roofing have expressed a high amount of satisfaction with those projects. Mohammed stated, “Great service from Matt at Superior Roofing. Had him out to look at my old 50-year-old tar and gravel roof and he recommended I re-roof with an SBS system. Did the job in a timely fashion and a great job done as promised. Thank you.” Brendan wrote, “I was very impressed by the work of their crew. Right from the start, I was educated on the different roofing systems to make an informed decision, and the quote laid out the full scope of work, so there was no confusion about what was to be done. The crew was professional and did a thorough site clean-up when finished. I would definitely recommend.”

Other Services that Superior Roofing offers include all sorts of residential roof repairs including leak detection and resolution. Nguyen mentioned that they are also one of the leading companies in their area when it comes to doing whole roof replacements. They are very skilled too when it comes to doing siding replacement & repair and they have no problems when undertaking soffit & fascia replacement. He added that they also only use the best materials available and they are known for doing thorough roof inspections and providing their residential and commercial customers with accurate and detailed roofing estimates. Home and business owners in the Calgary area that would like more information on Superior Roofing’s services can contact them by phone, email, or by filling out the form that’s found on its website.


For more information about Superior Roofing , contact the company here:

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