Flat Roofing Contractors Proudly Share Reviews From Austin Customers

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Austin, Texas based Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc. is reaching out to the wider community to share some positive reviews they received for their service. The company provides all residential and commercial roofing services, including new builds, roof repairs or replacements and so on. They also offer emergency roof restoration.

In one such Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs customer testimonial shared by the company, Tova Weinberg gives the company a 5-Star rating and says, “Hudson and Cool Roofs were beyond fast, trustworthy and professional when it came to my roof inspection and repairs.”

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Meaning, in another 5-Star Google review, Aaron Werlein writes that Coof Roofs is the, “Best roofing company hands down in Austin, TX. The knowledge, customer care, quality and timeliness of everything is A-class. Not to mention, the inspection and estimate provided is free! Would recommend Cool Roofs to anybody!”

Cool Roofs’ team of roofers have the knowledge, skills and tools to help their customers fully realize their vision, whether it involves a rooftop terrace, a rock garden, a maze or even a vortex of greenery. Whatever the customer wants, Cool Roofs guarantees they can make it happen. The company will work with customers to find the ideal roof design for the home of their dreams and then take care of the whole process from start to finish, bringing the ideas they are presented to reality.

The company assures that they install only roofing products with the highest standards of craftsmanship, quality and durability to ensure that each and every home is protected from the elements. Every single component the company installs comes with a manufacturer-backed warranty. Further, the team at Cool Roofs also strictly adheres to industry-standard and/or manufacturer recommendations and specifications to ensure the best possible job.

Hudson Whitten of Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc. states, “The roof of your business or home serves as a protective shield from the elements for the things that matter to you — we understand that. Our main focus since we began operating has been providing reliable, high quality roofing services for our customers. To know that our work is appreciated by our customers truly brings our team at Cool Roofs Austin a lot of joy.”

He continues, “Seeing as how important a roof is to your home, it is a task that requires professional roofers who have a proper understanding of the various nuances involved in the process. Our roofing team in Austin, Texas have years of experience doing all kinds of roofing projects and can guarantee that your roofing project will also be a success.”

There are more reviews to be found on Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc.’s Google profile, all of which contributing to the company’s perfect 5 out of 5 star rating. In her review, Katharine Teleki writes, “Cool Roofs helped me with a hail damage claim and replaced my roof for a straightforward and reasonable price. Hudson is wonderful to work with, a good communicator, responsive and committed to customer service. He spent a lot of time helping me provide information to the insurance company, decide on shingle options and supervised the roof installation on the day of installation. Installation was smooth and proceeded as planned (and only took one day!) over a highly recommended roofer. This is a straightforward, ethical roofing company.” More Google reviews for Cool Roofs can be found at the following link: Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs Customer Testimonial.

The company offers free estimates and repairs for all their services. If a homeowner believes their roof might need some maintenance, they can call Cool Roofs. The company’s experts will be glad to help with any and all roofing questions the customer may have, provide solutions to any problems, give a free estimate on what it will take to refurbish the roof and so on. They will even explain every detail of a plan on how to proceed.

Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc. serves clients all across Guadalupe County and Central Texas. Those who want to learn more about the services provided by Austin Roofing - Cool Roofs Inc. can visit the company’s website for more information. They encourage interested parties to get in touch with their team via the contact form on their website. Hudson Whitten can also be contacted directly via email or phone.


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