Fishers Indiana Economic Update: Shell Company Plans to Merge with Another Fishers-Based Startup

Indiana Title Loans 46038, a company that provides financial services in Fishers, Indiana 46038, has noted the plans of American Acquisition Opportunity, a shell company established last year, to merge with another Fishers-based startup Royalty Management Corp., with the goal of taking that company public. After the merger, the company will be known as Royalty Management Corp. and will be a public company with shares traded on the Nasdaq market. Indiana Title Loans 46038, whose website can be accessed at, expects the merger to have a positive impact on the economy of Fishers although there may be some negative consequences of a merger, such as the reduction of competition and concentration of power in fewer companies.

They noted that such a merger can stimulate the economy, particularly in Fishers. Furthermore, Fishers, a vibrant community located in the heart of Indiana, has managed to thrive during the pandemic. Nevertheless, they believe that some people in Fishers may still need some financial help, particularly with the global economic crisis brought about by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. That is why they are offering financial assistance to residents.

A spokesperson for Indiana Title Loans 46038 says, “The kind of financial assistance that we provide is a fast and simple way of getting the cash you need in under 24 hours. Instead of using your financial history or credit score, we will use your current ability to repay the loan and your vehicle’s value as indicators as to whether or not to approve you. The size of your loan is determined by how much money you need, the value of your vehicle, and your ability to meet your loan payments on time. Our focus is to secure as much money as possible through a fast and simple loan process.” Those who are interested in learning about developments related to the company can check out their media room at

They want to point out that there are various reasons why some people and families may need the extra cash they can get from Indiana Title Loans 46038. These include: education expenses; emergency expenses; groceries; medical bills; utility bills; fuel; and traveling.

They want to emphasize that the whole process is 100 percent online, which means customers can apply, get approved, and get the money without the need to leave their home. In addition, their online application form will only require a few minutes to fill out. It will only ask some basic questions regarding the applicant and the car. And customers can get qualified for the financial help in less than 15 minutes. They will then use the basic information provided to customize a financial arrangement that is tailor-fitted to the lifestyle and budget of the customer.

It is important to note that the customer will continue to drive the car while making payments. They will just need to hold onto the car title until such time that all necessary payments have been made. As long as the customer has insurance on the car, they will approve the amount applied for and deposit the money into the customer’s account without the need for the customer to hand over to them the vehicle.

With regards to the amount that can be received, it will be based on the value of the car, the amount needed by the customer, and the customer’s ability to make the payments on time. It is important to note that the maximum amount that they can provide is $50,000 and they will not accept cars that are older than 1999. They are willing to accept any credit score so customers are likely to get approved whatever their financial history is.

People who would like to know more about the financial services offered by Indiana Title Loans 46038, and those who are looking for title loans near me, can check out their website, or contact them through the telephone. They are open 24 hours a day, from Sunday to Saturday.


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