Finnteriors Construction Services Offers Professional Basement Remodeling

Remodeled Basement

Missouri based Finnteriors Construction Services is pleased to offer their professional basement remodeling services to residents of St. Louis and the surrounding areas. Finnteriors Construction Services believes that the basement is one the most neglected parts of the house. Despite typical use as a storage space, basements are usually very messy and disorganized. In fact, many homeowners often leave their basements untouched, unfinished and underused for extended periods.

With everyone spending more time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Finnteriors Construction Services asserts that this is the perfect opportunity to start a remodeling project and finally upgrade the often dark, damp and humid basement into a new and functional space. Kevin Finn of Finnteriors Construction Services advises local residents to, “Remodel your basement and turn it into a new area that the whole family can get to enjoy. Instead of allowing it to remain old, boring and underutilized, you can repurpose your basement and turn it into a game room, movie room or even a man cave.”

Finnteriors Construction Services states that their basement remodeling services can meet the specific needs of their clients for a fair price. They can bring design ideas to life and transform a basement that matches each client’s must-have design elements. They also make use of special lighting and flooring, even going so far as to design custom spaces, to help coordinate the type of room their client chooses.

The construction company also highlights several benefits of basement remodeling. First and foremost, a remodeled basement can prevent water damage by closing gaps with proper sealing and finishing. It can also serve its intended purpose as a storage space if it is redone with extra shelving and cabinetry. Furthermore, a remodeled basement also helps increase the market value of the property in the event that the house is put up for sale.

Finnteriors Construction Services asserts that they can turn an unfinished basement into a new, functional space. They encourage homeowners, for instance, to convert their basements into an entertainment room where the entire family can relax and have fun together. Alternatively, basements can also be repurposed to hobby rooms, offices, YouTube studios or libraries. Homeowners can learn more about Finnteriors Construction by visiting the company’s website where they also publish informative blog posts and basement design ideas.

Finnteriors Construction Services has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. The company takes pride in having a team of expert technicians and remodelers who are able to handle even the most problematic of basements. They offer free consultations in order to properly execute each client’s ideas and gain a better understanding of the design requirements for the property in question. Even if the homeowner is unsure how they want to repurpose their basements, the company is ready to lend them the expertise of reputable partner contractors who can offer unique ideas on how to design and make use of an unfinished basement. Finnteriors Construction Services works hard to convert any basement into a stylish and functional room that their client can enjoy.

Additionally, the company clarifies that they are lead-safe certified by the Environmental Protection Agency and are also certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. They also have a skilled team of residential and commercial construction specialists who know how to safely build on residential and commercial properties, even those which were constructed before 1978 and have lead-based building materials.

Finnteriors Construction Services is a locally owned-and-operated general contracting business that prioritizes customer satisfaction over profit. In fact, they have helped many homeowners in the St. Louis area design basements that are highly enjoyable for family and friends. Their project managers ensure the entire project runs smoothly from start to finish, giving every detail throughout the remodeling process their undivided attention.

Those who are interested in learning more about the company and their basement remodeling services may find more information on their website. Homeowners may contact Finnteriors directly via their office hotline as well. Furthermore, clients may connect with the company via their preferred social media platforms to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


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