Find Metal Fabricators Near Me With AP Precision Metals Inc.

San Diego, CA based AP Precision Metals Inc. is pleased to inform their community that the company’s metal fabrication team is now ready to work with new clients. The company has committed themselves to ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted flow of service, and clients are welcome to get in touch with their team today. Learn more here: Metal Fabricators Near Me.

As a company based in San Diego, AP Precision Metals is well aware of the tight production schedules and material specifications that local contractors have to contend with. Boasting more than 20 years in the industry, they are able to tailor their services to meet each client’s requirements no matter how simple or complex their project is expected to be. This includes one-off jobs and ongoing projects as well.

A wide variety of industries are known to find enormous advantage in professional services of this nature. AP Precision Metals currently works alongside teams from a variety of disciplines, from architecture and civil engineering to computing and robotics. Their team has also contributed to projects that complied with the notoriously high specifications of the medical field and the military. Many homes and businesses have similarly benefitted from the company’s contributions to the internal and cosmetic components of high-end luxury products.

AP Precision Metals offers CNC Cutting, Forming, & Punching; Laser Cutting; Sheet Metal and Plate cutting; Powder Coating; Metal Finishing and a host of other services in this field. They can cut several types of metals to incredibly precise specifications, from brass and copper to titanium. The company can also deploy a team of welders on their client’s behalf, performing GMAW, GTAW, Stick Welding, Spot Welding and brazing and so on as the situation demands.

Ken P.’s 5-Star Google review serves to illustrate why even new clients can expect a high standard of service when they approach this company for assistance with a project. The review explains that, “I have used AP Precision only once, so far, yet my experience has been fantastic (this is important because our job is a repeat item.) Logan Litke and Josh Miller were easy to work with, helpful with ideas and very interested in meeting our tight deadline. The quality of their product was right on spec, and the care they took in packaging the parts and properly palletizing them shows the level of quality that seems to run throughout their entire operation. I will certainly use them again.”

A more recent review from Jason Hernandez has similarly high praise to shed on the company’s efforts and dedication to top-tier customer service. Their review, which also gives the company a full 5-Star rating, shares that, “Logan AP Precision is amazing. I had a custom enclosure I needed designed and fabricated. Logan sat with me through the entire design process. and we were able to create a very professional and polished looking product in just a couple days. The build quality was excellent, near perfect actually. I strongly recommend AP Precision.”

AP Precision Metals considers quality to be their foremost priority, with customer service and satisfaction coming in at a close second. The team operates a dedicated quality control department and universally strives to ensure that their processes meet the strict ISO standards that their ISO and CE certified clients have to abide by. The company then takes these standards a step further as part of their commitment to their community and the environment, reducing waste produced during the sheet metal fabrication process and adhering to tight production margins while maintaining the standards their clients have come to expect.

Those interested in working with local sheet metal fabricators who boast a long history in the industry and exemplary attention to detail are welcome to contact the team at AP Precision Metals Inc. today to get started. The company’s website provides further details regarding their services and resources. Similarly, social media users may connect with AP Precision Metals Inc. through their preferred platforms to stay abreast of their latest news and developments.


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