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Phoenix, AZ based Ahwatukee Auto Glass LLC 85043 is pleased to inform local communities that they offer auto glass windshield replacement services in the Phoenix area. Keeping the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in mind, the company assures their customers that every repair they provide will still be up to the high standards they have come to expect and will respect each customer's safety. Learn more about the company, their services and their availability at the following link: Auto Glass Replacement Near Me.

Despite families feeling the urge to remain at home as much as possible, the fact is that the vast majority of households in Phoenix still have to go outside on a fairly regular basis for one reason or another. Unemployment, as is the case with the rest of the country, may be at record heights but residents still have to drive around when picking up groceries, drop off their children at school and so on. This is also true for commuters who are working in essential industries or whose place of business has managed to remain open despite the crisis.

Windshield Replacement Phoenix

As a result, Ahwatukee Auto Glass observes that this period represents an extremely stressful time for communities, and even simple hiccups in their daily lives can make their problems much worse. Cracked or broken windshields are one such problem that may seem to be fairly inconsequential on the surface but can actually lead to much bigger issues if left unattended. Read further at the following link: Windshield Replacement Near Me.

“Even before the crisis emerged,” says the company, “many people had the unfortunate assumption that a small crack in their windshield was nothing to worry about. This led them to ignore a minor problem and postpone getting it fixed, placing themselves and their vehicle at risk for larger consequences in the future.” This is due to the fact that cracks have a tendency to grow, and even a relatively tough material like windshield glass tends to lose much of its overall strength if it is weakened by a defect like a crack. In effect, the windshield as a whole may then be more likely to break when placed under stress it was originally designed to withstand.

For instance, drivers may not be aware that their vehicles are actually designed to break in a certain manner in the event of a collision. This transfers the force of a crash through the body of the car itself, minimizing harm to its occupants. A windshield is a vital component of this process, and a crack could make it absorb less force during a collision — raising the risk of injury to occupants.

This is also the case if the car in question were to roll over during an accident. A windshield that is not weakened by a pre-existing crack is more likely to remain intact and therefore help keep the car’s roof from caving in. Should the windshield break during a roll-over and cause the roof to be crushed, the car’s occupants may suffer serious injury.

Ahwatukee Auto Glass continues, “There are more immediate factors that people will want to consider too. Livelihoods have been turned upside down and many do not know if they will be able to afford their bills in the coming weeks and months. As such, we advise our community to take care of small expenses as early as possible in order to avoid having to spend much more when they evolve into larger issues. A cracked windshield is a small expense if you take care of it today. This might not be the case if you get fined or if you have to replace the entire windshield when it breaks.”

The team at Ahwatukee Auto Glass has over 20 years of experience repairing and replacing windshields for their customers. They use only high-quality glass and prioritize doing each job right the first time around. They can also offer mobile door glass and windshield replacement, so customers need not fear the inconvenience of visiting the company’s premises in order to get serviced.

More information can be found on the company’s website and other online resources. Customers are welcome to reach out to Ahwatukee Auto Glass LLC 85043 for further details as well. Learn more here: Auto Glass Phoenix.


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