Find Addiction Rehabs Shares Insight On Blue Cross Shield For Drug Rehab

Boca Raton, Florida based rehab resource website Find Addiction Rehabs has published information about using BCBS for addiction treatment. With a dedicated team of recovering individuals, clinicians and support staff, Find Addiction Rehabs has been helping people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction locate the best rehab centers in the US and find the best resources for addiction and treatment nationwide.

As Find Addiction Rehab explains, Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance (BSBS), established in 1929, is a broad network of 35 affiliated healthcare companies, community-based and locally operated, that provide insurance for healthcare treatments across all 50 states of the United States of America. Collectively, Blue Cross Blue Shield is among the largest providers of health insurance in the United States, and nearly one in every three Americans rely on companies registered with BCBS for affordable and safe healthcare.

Drugs and alcohol arrayed on a table, indicating the need for Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage for drug rehab and alcohol rehab

BCBS offers three different types of healthcare policies. These are Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), which gives policyholders the option of consulting with any of the participating 44,000 providers in their network and covers emergency services outside of the network; Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), which offers maximum flexibility and lets policyholders choose from a network of more than 47,000 providers locally and tens of thousands nationally; and Catastrophic Plan, which is primarily designed for young adults and has low premiums and high deductibles compared to comprehensive plans.

BCBS has a tiered membership plan, with Bronze covering approximately 60% of medical costs. Plans in this level incur low monthly payments and a high deductible. Silver covers about 70% of medical costs, and this comes with a comparatively higher monthly payment and lower deductible. Gold covers around 80% of the medical costs and involves higher monthly payments and a relatively low deductible. Their most premium plan, Platinum, covers around 90% of medical costs with the highest monthly payments and the lowest deductible. Those who are interested in learning more about BCBS or other drug rehab resources in Florida should check out the following link: Florida Drug Rehab And Alcohol Rehab Resources.

The good news for those seeking addiction treatment is that Blue Cross Blue Shield plans generally cover addiction treatments — if not in whole, at least in part. Most BCBS plans also cover medical detox if the same has been mandated as part of treatment, especially in cases of treatment for alcohol addiction, opiate addiction and benzodiazepine addiction. This is because detoxing from these substances is fraught with risks and hence needs to be medically monitored.

In addition to medical detox, Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans also cover inpatient residential treatments for up to a year if required. Once residential rehab is complete, policyholders can also rely on BCBS for outpatient treatments and even sober living housing facilities. Besides covering rehab costs, BCBS also offers follow-up services via means of the company’s OneHealth mobile platform. Through this platform, BCBS offers its community continuous support and expert assistance at all times.

The full article, which can be found at Find Addiction Rehab’s website, also delves into other relevant topics, including the exact steps people may need to follow to get Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage for rehab treatments, how to pay costs of treatment if it is not covered by the insurance plan and more.

With the vastly different populations in each state across the US and the difference in resources between them, people who are struggling with addiction issues might have a hard time finding the help they need. Find Addiction Rehabs is dedicated to providing far-reaching resources for addiction care no matter the individual’s place of residence. Find Addiction Rehabs invites those who are seeking help to reach out today to their dedicated Recovery Representatives to discuss insurance coverage for addiction treatment and more.

Those who want to learn more about Find Addiction Rehabs and the services they provide can visit their website to begin. Interested parties can get in touch with them via the web portal on the Find Addiction Rehabs website. Similarly, they may get in touch via the company’s hotline. Find Addiction Rehabs also maintains a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Find Addiction Rehab’s resource page for New Mexico can be found here: New Mexico Drug Rehab And Alcohol Rehab Resources.


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