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Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR), a company based in Boca Raton, FL that provides helpful information on addiction treatment and how it is being made more accessible to those who need it, has released another trio of articles, one of which is focused on rehabs that take UMR insurance policies. The second article is focused on the growing demand for a holistic approach to addiction treatment. And the third article examines the case of forced or mandated rehab.

UMR is affiliated with UnitedHealthcare but provides its own forms of coverage and it is a very specific kind of health insurance company since they are self-insured. This means that they will typically handle most of the healthcare costs for their clients. While other insurance providers often use a third-party company to cover the costs, UMR helps offset such costs on its own. However, this also means that there are specific restrictions on what they are not able to cover. As a third-party administrator, UMR offers services including administration and billing, including as an insurance claims processor for insurance providers that have group health policies. For drug and alcohol treatment services, UMR coverage may include: medical detox; inpatient treatment programs; outpatient treatment; intensive outpatient programs; partial hospitalization programs; dual diagnosis treatment; and medication assisted treatment.

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Meanwhile, holistic rehab programs have been growing in popularity because of the various benefits that they offer. For those who are seeking holistic rehab settings, however, it is important to note that there are currently only a few research studies that support the use of holistic therapies as an effective form of drug or alcohol rehab treatment on their own. Nevertheless, it may still be a useful type of care to look for in case more evidence-based therapies are not possible, or if the patient is hesitant to seek out conventional treatment programs.

Holistic drug or alcohol treatment programs may include: acupuncture and acupressure; energy work, such as reiki or theta healing; massage therapy; biofeedback and neurofeedback; art therapy; yoga therapy and meditation activities; herbal supplements and medicines; and nutritional counseling and dietary therapy. With regards to potential benefits, acupuncture and massages may help in reducing the physical symptoms of withdrawal, such as body pain and muscle aches. Meditation and mindfulness techniques may help in managing emotional reactions and stress that may contribute to compulsive use of drugs or alcohol. Nutritional counseling and diet therapy may help in the development of better eating habits that would address possible malnutrition in patients due to chronic substance abuse. And holistic therapy services and support groups may help support spiritual grounding, which may be helpful for patients with dual diagnoses.

And finally, with regards to getting addiction treatment for a loved one in denial, the third article takes a look at the possibility of forcing a loved one to go to rehab. There are a number of possible choices for helping an addicted loved one get into rehab but finding the ones that are suitable will depend on the specific situation. For instance, there are states with laws that enable parents to force their children who are less than 18 years old to get adolescent addiction treatment. While this changes once the child reaches legal age, there are a number of involuntary commitment laws that extend to those who are over 18 years of age. Another possibility is a court mandated substance abuse treatment. This will divert nonviolent offenders with a substance abuse disorder from being sent to jail and instead send them to a drug or alcohol rehab program.

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