Find Addiction Rehabs Presents Info on Rehabs that Accept Anthem Insurance and Two Other Major US Insurance Carriers

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Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR), which is a company based in Boca Raton, FL that provides resources on addiction rehab, is happy to announce that their team has recently completed a resource on the policies and coverages of three major American carriers for addiction treatment. One of the articles focuses on rehabs that accept Anthem specifically and the kinds of health insurance plans that this insurance company provides. The other articles focus on those rehabs that accept the insurance coverage offered by Beacon Insurance and Cigna Insurance. The FAR writers and staff would like to inform everyone that up to 100 percent of the addiction treatment costs may be covered by an existing policy of these carriers.

The article on Anthem insurance offers answers to frequently asked questions regarding Anthem’s insurance coverage on drug addiction treatment, as well as offer free insurance verification from the FAR expert team. The free service allows an individual holding a particular Anthem policy to know if they are covered for addiction treatment. Anthem is one of the major health benefits organizations in the US and provides a broad range of health services via a diverse portfolio of integrated health care plans and related services. Anthem is a Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association independent licensee and one out of every eight people in the nation is covered by Anthem-related insurance policies.

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Anthem’s health insurance policies are classified using a metal tier system, which are: Bronze, which has the cheapest monthly rates but has the biggest deductible and copays; Silver, which has higher monthly rates compared to Bronze but correspondingly lower deductible and copays; Gold, which has monthly pays higher than that of Silver but with smaller deductible; and Platinum, which has the highest monthly premium and the least deductible.

For those who are interested in rehabs that accept Beacon insurance, Find Addiction Rehabs also provides an article that focuses on this topic. Specifically, Beacon Health Options insurance covers a wide range of behavioral and mental health services. This company was established in 2014 and currently serves more than 40 million customers. Unlike most insurance companies, Beacon Health Options is focused on behavioral health and substance abuse management. Thus, they are uniquely qualified to truly understand the peculiar needs of this kind of treatment. They also have agreements with various health insurance carriers for the provision of behavioral health and substance abuse treatment. Beacon Health Options plans may offer coverage for the following: detox; assessment and screening; inpatient rehab; medical exams and treatment; medications for addiction treatment; and therapy and psychiatric evaluation.

Meanwhile, all it requires to confirm coverage and costs at leading treatment facilities across the country is a quick, confidential call to their recovery representatives. Within minutes, they can inform the policyholders on their coverage details, any 'out of pocket' expenses, and what rehab treatment facilities may be appropriate to help them or their loved one get a lasting foundation for the journey towards sobriety. People can simply reach out to them any time of day or night and get the answer to any questions related to these three major carriers, insurance coverage for rehab, or addiction treatment.

Find Addiction Rehabs was launched with the mission of giving the best possible information resource for those who want to learn about addiction treatment either for themselves or for the benefit of their loved ones. The site is filled with expert articles and guest blogs, which means that it is not just a simple directory of treatment centers like other online resources. Instead, it serves as a single information resource on addiction disorders and behaviors and the cutting edge approaches to treatment to get people started on the road to recovery.

Those who are interested in learning more about addiction and the variety of available addiction treatment centers in their own particular state, including info on rehabs that accept Cigna insurance and the other two carriers, can head along to the Find Addiction Rehabs website or contact them on the telephone.


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