Find Addiction Rehabs Participates in One of the Sobriety Podcasts and Provides Resources on Helping a Loved One

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Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR), a company based in Boca Raton, FL that offers essential resources on addiction treatment and rehab, has recently collaborated with Nate and David on one of their recent sobriety podcasts for an episode where they talked with Andrew Otto from the FAR team on finding treatment for a loved one. They discussed how the team works with various addiction rehab centers nationwide to look for the best fit for every caller and client. As a call team leader and a certified interventionist, Andrew shares his advice on the best approach to finding help for a loved one who may be resistant to getting treatment.

In the podcast, Andrew tells his own story of addiction and how he tried to help his wife, who was addicted to painkillers. He points out that he didn’t understand addiction then and the result was that his life spiraled out of control until he got imprisoned. He and his wife finally underwent treatment. He didn’t want to do it anymore but he didn’t yet understand the need to surrender and that it actually means multiple surrenders.

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Those who believe that their loved one or a friend needs addiction treatment will soon realize the need to learn how to stage an intervention, which is a vital step in helping that friend or loved one. This is a structured conversation between family or friends, and a person struggling with an addiction. This is often supervised by an intervention specialist. It can show the addicted person that their actions are affecting more than just themselves. This step can help the person struggling with an addiction to finally decide to get into addiction recovery and rehabilitation.

It is important to note that the first step in staging an intervention is to find an intervention specialist, who will be able to help the communication during the process. Usually, an intervention specialist may be able to help people with an addiction to finally break their cycle of denial. An intervention should never be tried without the guidance of a professional and confronting the person with addiction alone can actually make matters worse.

The next step is to form the intervention group, which may include parents, spouses, siblings, co-workers, partners, close friends, and influential figures. Some may consider including the person’s kids, grandparents, and other elderly members of the family. However, the children and the elderly have to be prepared for intense moments.

It is also important for participating members to learn and practice the stages of an intervention and to help educate the members of the group with regard to addiction and addiction recovery. And a proper place and time for the intervention will need to be chosen. Typically, a place that is familiar to the addicted person can be chosen, such as the home, in order to help create a feeling of ease. It may also be helpful to schedule the intervention when the person is sober.

For an addicted person with mental illness, staging an intervention may be more difficult. It is important to ensure that the person is as comfortable as possible and to understand that someone who is suffering from co-occurring disorders will need dual diagnosis treatment.

Find Addiction Rehabs was launched with the goal of offering essential information resources designed to guide those who are looking for addiction treatment either for themselves or for their loved ones. On the website, they provide content that is made up of expert articles and guest blogs, which means that the website is not just like any other directory listing or directory website that simply presents a list of addiction treatment centers. The website acts as a comprehensive information center for addiction disorders and behaviors and the most advanced methods for treatment to help people who are struggling with an addiction to begin their journey towards recovery.

People who would like to learn more about addiction treatment, such as how to help an addict, especially a loved one or friend, can contact them on the telephone any time of day or night for assistance and guidance.


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