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Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR), a company based in Boca Raton, FL that offers information resources on addiction treatment and how it is being made more accessible to those who need it, has released a trio of articles on self paying for the treatment and more. The first article focuses on self paying for addiction treatment and the reasons why some clients may choose this option, even if they have insurance coverage. In the second article, they take a look at rehab facilities that accept Optima insurance coverage to help people get the treatment that they require and boost their chances of overcoming their addiction and getting on the road to recovery. And in the third article, they examine the coverage provided by Assurant, offering an overview of how this type of insurance works, and if and when it may be applicable for drug rehab services.

While at first glance, it may not be sensible to self pay for drug or alcohol addiction services, that is payable in cash, many people may opt to do this even if they have existing health insurance coverage. Some of the major reasons for doing so include less paperwork; no insurance records; personal privacy; easier to negotiate the price; and the availability of flexible options when paying cash for rehab treatment. Meanwhile, there is even the possibility of getting free drug and alcohol services, which are available through state-funded facilities but there are only a limited number of choices of the location.

A client finds savings and privacy with self pay for rehab services found through Find Addiction Rehabs

Meanwhile, there are Optima addiction treatment centers with Optima health insurance covering behavioral health services that include: medical detox programs; inpatient drug rehab centers; outpatient treatment programs; partial hospitalization programs; intensive outpatient programs; medication-assisted treatment & prescription drugs; treatment for opioid addiction; and behavioral therapy.

A spokesperson for Find Addiction Rehabs says, “No matter what type of treatment you require, the right level of Optima Health coverage can significantly minimize your out-of-pocket costs when recovering from addiction and mental health conditions. Having health insurance can also expand your treatment options, allowing you to receive care through an extensive selection of addiction rehab programs and providers.”

And in the article on Assurant insurance coverage for treatment services, they point out that Assurant is not the usual insurance provider. Instead, it is an investment company that aims to help protect the purchases and assets of its clients. Thus, this coverage may be used to help cover some of the expenses for addiction treatment programs and preventive care services.

However, the Find Addiction Rehabs spokesperson also warns, “If you plan on using Assurant insurance to help cover the costs of rehab, it is important that you are honest about this when applying for coverage through this company. This is because Assurant has several declinable conditions for its policies, including alcohol and drug addiction." This means that if the insured lies on the application and then puts in a claim for coverage of rehab services, Assurant may deny such a claim. While the Affordable Care Act requires all insurance providers to provide some level of coverage for people struggling with an addiction or mental health issue, the specific coverage may vary depending on the specific provider and policy. Also, out-of-pocket expenses will also vary depending on the state of residence, the kind of rehab program, where the treatment is being provided, whether the facility is in or out-of-network, and how long the treatment will last.

Find Addiction Rehabs offers a website that functions as an online information resource for those who are interested in drug and alcohol rehab facilities either for themselves or for their loved ones. The website presents expert articles or guest blogs that detail available rehab programs at various places in the country and recent updates on treatment approaches. The FAR website is not the typical directory listing or directory website that only lists drug or alcohol rehab treatment facilities. Instead, it provides all available information on the different types of addiction, the various kinds of addictive substances, and the latest treatment that can be used to help people who are struggling with an addiction.

People who are interested in knowing more about drug or alcohol rehab treatment, including payment options like coverage from Assurant for treatment services, can visit the Find Addiction Rehabs website or contact them on the phone to schedule a rehab stay nationwide, with same day placement possible in many instances.


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