Find Addiction Rehabs Now Taking on the Important Task of Helping People Find Reputable Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

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Find Addiction Rehabs is an online service that seeks to help those suffering from drug or alcohol dependency find professional treatment centers that can help them on the path to recovery. They have helped many addiction sufferers find facilities that have the best chance of helping them overcome such dependencies as alcoholism and a wide variety of drug addictions. Now this service has upped its game even further by committing to help those affected by dual diagnosis disorders find reputable treatment facilities they can rehab at.

A representative of the service said, “Beyond a simple directory of treatment centers themselves, we seek to provide a single source for all the vital issues related to addictive disorders and behaviors, as well as the current (and evolving) best practices for recovery from these conditions. One of the less served areas regarding this seems to be those that are impacted by dual diagnosis orders. That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to now provide those suffering from dual diagnosis-related issues with a wide variety of relevant rehab options.” He went on to say that they have done this by having their staff and writers collaborate to come up with a new guide that focuses on the growing need for dual diagnosis treatment centers in the United States. With their first new guide, they have created an all-new comprehensive resource for locating dual diagnosis treatment centers in Florida, long regarded as a 'mecca' for those seeking addiction services, and several other locations across America.

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The company spokesperson went on to talk more about what dual diagnosis disorders entail. He stated that dual diagnosis, or co-occurring disorders as they are sometimes called, are regarded as the presence of a substance use disorder alongside a mental health issue that has been diagnosed by a mental health professional. As an example, he mentioned that in Arizona, the rise of fentanyl, as well as the presence of a new formulation of meth, has created a dramatic rise in those seeking services for addiction that also present symptoms of depression, psychosis, or other forms of mental distress. When this happens those suffering from addiction may not always get the treatment that’s necessary to help them overcome both their substance dependency and related mental health issues at a standard rehab facility. That’s why they have taken it upon themselves to come up with a guide for helping people find more appropriate dual diagnosis treatment centers.

The special facilities in this guide not only handle such aspects of addiction treatment as detoxification, in-patient, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, and specially designed programs, but they also have experienced mental health professionals on staff. The latter is critically important to helping those with dual diagnosis-related issues on their road to recovery. They even have created a guide that strictly focuses on dual diagnosis treatment centers in Arizona and other specific states. Find Addiction Rehabs does this so those that suffer from combined addictions and mental health-related issues have an easier time finding proper facilities to recover.

The spokesperson also mentioned that those at Find Addiction Rehabs are very dedicated to the important service that the company provides. There is no better example than the 24/7 addiction hotline that the company felt compelled to put in place. He went on to say that they always encourage all interested parties that are suffering from their own or impacted by a loved one’s addiction to reach out by phone to them at any time of day or night. They also have come up with something special for those seeking out dual diagnosis treatment in Colorado. They have just recently released a brand-new guide for those seeking dual diagnosis treatment in that state. The guide includes reputable dual-diagnosis treatment facilities in such major population centers as Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, and elsewhere around the state. It’s a guide that is designed to help direct those looking for comfortable and effective dual diagnosis treatment centers in Colorado.

The spokesperson for Find Addiction Rehabs stated that whether someone reaches out to them by phone or through their website, they have the resources in place to help them or someone they love who is suffering from addiction get the help that they so badly need. They encourage interested parties to reach out any time of day or night via their hotline for more information.


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