Find Addiction Rehabs Is Highlighting The Best Drug And Alcohol Rehabs In Montana, Nebraska, And South Dakota

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Find Addiction Rehabs is drawing attention to the current state of affairs surrounding substance abuse in Montana, Nebraska, and South Dakota. The online resource has also published a trio of state-specific blog posts that aim to help those suffering from addiction find the best and most affordable substance abuse treatment centers in Nebraska, Montana, and South Dakota.

A spokesperson for Find Addition Rehabs talks about the need for alcohol and drug rehab centers in the three states by saying, “Our clinicians and writers take a holistic view of the nation’s public health situation as it relates to the specter of substance abuse. Often, the news media will have spirited conversations about the appalling sights on the streets of major metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles and Philadelphia. The jarring images and videos of homeless people giving in to abusing illicit drugs in ramshackle tents next to large motorways surely evoke a sense of concern. Consequently, the federal government also diverts a lot of its monetary resources to solve the problems in these urban areas since they get the most airtime in the media. However, the heart-wrenching stories of tragedy that dot the almost dystopian streets of major American cities are not an isolated phenomenon. The horrors of drug abuse don’t change based on the location. Poorer rural states, that are not often in the headlines for drug issues, also have many residents struggling with addiction of some form. Moreover, these states are also at a disadvantage due to the lack of affordable and effective medical care providers that understand the insidious nature of substance abuse. With the latest publication of these three state-focused resources, we aim to help their residents find and seek help from the best Montana, Nebraska, and South Dakota drug rehab centers near them.”

A man receives help in group therapy for addiction after having found Montana alcohol and drug rehabs with the help of Find Addiction Rehabs

While Montana is known for wide vistas and its motto of being 'Big Sky Country,' Find Addiction Rehabs says that issues with alcohol use have plagued the largely rural state for years. Like the rest of the country, its citizens have also been rocked by the opioid epidemic, the surge of fentanyl use, and corresponding overdose deaths. According to the Montana Substance Use Disorder Task Force Strategic Plan 2020-23, an estimated 79,000 Montanans struggle with substance use disorders. Drug overdoses are the fourth leading cause of injury-related death in the state, accounting for 1,437 deaths from 2007 to 2018. Find Addiction Rehabs has released its new and comprehensive Montana-focused guide to help ease these concerns and provide an impactful resource for the residents of the state.

Nebraska, well-known for its collegiate football success and agricultural production, has also been hard hit by both methamphetamines and fentanyl. According to Find Addiction Rehabs, approximately 228,000 Nebraskans, or 11.82% of the state population, use illegal substances while another 90,000, or 4.66% of the state population, abuse alcohol. Combined, they were responsible for 16.42% of all fatalities in Nebraska between 2008 and 2017, about 4% higher than the national average of 12.71%. To help its residents, Find Addiction Rehabs has released a fully articulated guide to the state that presents an overview of the current state of addiction, costs of treatment, and provides other helpful resources.

Finally, Find Addiction Rehabs also says that the need for South Dakota drug rehabs has risen over the past several years. Similar to the drug and alcohol-induced mortality statistics in Nebraska, South Dakota also reported that 17.27% of all deaths in the state between 2008 and 2017 were attributed to those substances. In that time frame, its most populated city, Sioux Falls, had a shocking 17.86% drug- and alcohol-related fatality rate. Find Addiction Rehabs has thus released a South Dakota-specific comprehensive resource guide to provide its residents with the right type of assistance for their substance abuse problems.

Find Addiction Rehabs encourages those looking for the best South Dakota, Nebraska, and Montana rehab centers, or anywhere else across the country, to call them at (877) 790-6751 for more information and assistance, 24 hours a day.


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