Find Addiction Rehabs Announces Winner Of The 2021 Making An Impact On Addiction Scholarship

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Find Addiction Rehabs, an online resource that helps individuals and families seeking addiction treatment find the best treatment centers for their needs, has announced the winner of its 2021 “Making an Impact Scholarship" competition.

The scholarship was the company’s effort to find hopeful and insightful young voices from across the United States and give them a platform to express their views, share their personal struggles, and propose solutions for the fight against addiction. The winner would also get a thousand dollars to fund their education. It was a low barrier competition that was open to all students with the only requirement being that they should be enrolled full-time as of Fall 2021. The participants were asked to write a 500-word essay summarizing their thoughts on the topic - “How would you make an impact on the state of addiction in the United States?”

A woman shares a powerful experience with Making an Impact on addiction in America, in group setting

The winner for the Making an Impact Scholarship award 2021 is Makayla Armento from the Community College of Denver (transferring to University of Colorado - Denver) whose poignant essay talks about her father’s struggle with alcoholism throughout his life, how it impacted her growing up, and how she uses the adversity she faced as motivation to not make the same mistakes that her father did. She notes in her essay that she would use the scholarship money to pay towards college and break the generational habits that have kept her family back from living successful and fulfilling lives.

A spokesperson for the company reacted to the hundreds of entries that it received for the competition and their eventual pick for the winner by saying, “Find Addiction Rehabs is overwhelmed with the resounding response for the 2021 “Making an Impact Scholarship" competition from students across the United States. The sheer volume of entries was astounding, and the amazing essays from the next generation of American scholars covered topics ranging from raising awareness to decriminalization, to alternative therapies such as ibogaine. With so many valuable insights, the FAR judging panel nominated several dozen 'Honorable Mentions' and celebrates their accomplishments along with our winner, Makayla Armento. Please visit the scholarship pages to learn more about 'Making an Impact' on addiction in America, and the many wonderful suggestions to change the course of our current crisis. You can also head over to our website to read our blog series ‘Education Resources to End Addiction’ which discusses the need for overhauls and innovations in education to curb addiction.”

The entries received by the company covered a wide gamut of experiences from students across America who were dealing with the effects of drug and alcohol addiction either directly or indirectly. Some told stories about their personal struggles with substance abuse while some talked about the effect it had on their close circle of friends and family members. Some essays were written by students who worked jobs or had family members that worked in professions that get to witness the disastrous effects of addiction firsthand on a daily basis, such as first responders, veterans, corrections officers, or law enforcement members. Many essays lamented the loss of a healthy upbringing during their childhood due to the pervasive effects of a parent or family member’s drug addiction.

Find Addiction Rehabs works with treatment centers all around the country to find the best one that matches its clients’ needs. It says on its website that it aims to be more than just a nationwide directory of addiction treatment centers. Many other addiction resource sites only present the nationwide list of mental health and rehab facilities that get published by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration) every year.

Find Addiction Rehabs goes beyond this by being a full-service addiction treatment resource that creates detailed articles about the nature of addiction and publishes state-by-state guides on the latest in addiction treatment practices. This allows its readers to get valuable insights that are specific to their state and document the local treatment options available. The website also has a blog that regularly publishes user-submitted informative articles and essays where college students address addiction and propose solutions to it that can be implemented across the country.


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