Find Addiction Rehab Educates Readers About Couples Rehab, Rehab In Connecticut, And Los Angeles-Based Divine Detox

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Online addiction treatment resource Find Addiction Rehabs is urging readers to check out the brand-new resources that it has launched on its website.

The first new resource from Find Addiction Rehabs raises awareness about the many couples rehab options that are available for married or attached partners who want to go through the transformative process together. Fostering romantic relationships can be a great way to build a happy life. However, when both partners in a relationship are struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, the pairing can often be destructive. Some partners may rely on alcohol and drugs as a crutch to enjoy themselves. The addiction might also make some couples aggressive, making them resort to domestic violence. Moreover, the time wasted chasing addiction can also affect one’s duties such as housework, employment, and childcare.

Couples rehab can be a marriage or relationship saver: reach out not Find Addiction Rehabs for more information

To help couples kick their addictions, treatment centers around the country offer Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT) services that are beneficial not just for improving a recovering couple’s relationship, but in supporting each person’s individual goal to achieve abstinence as well. Couples can opt for either residential inpatient treatment programs or they can opt for outpatient rehab activities such as sober support groups, relapse-prevention training services, addiction education services, community outreach programs, and individual, group, or family therapy sessions.

Find Addiction Rehabs has also launched another resource that presents an overview of the options for drug and alcohol rehab Connecticut has to offer. Synthetic opioids like Vicodin, oxycodone, and heroin are the most abused opioids in the Constitution State. The Connecticut Department of Public Health found that there were 1,378 opioid overdose deaths in Connecticut in 2020. In 2017, Connecticut's age-adjusted death rate from opioid overdoses was 27.7 deaths per 100,000 people.

Readers looking for help in Connecticut can opt for several levels of care. Medically supervised detox programs help patients manage withdrawal symptoms and provide medical support in case of an emergency. Residential inpatient treatment programs offer a comfortable environment with peers with whom one can form a support group. The activities are also structured to help with stress relief and to fight the root causes of the addiction. Inpatient treatment programs offer services such as therapeutic treatment options, medication-assisted treatment, addiction education services, and vocational, and social skill training programs. Those who don’t want to commit to inpatient treatment programs can also opt for intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) or partial hospitalization programs (PHPs).

Finally, Find Addiction Rehabs has also published a resource highlighting a recently added listing for Divine Detox, a treatment center in Los Angeles, California. Divine Detox is a top-rated, luxury detox center that offers customized treatment plans to meet every individual patient’s mental health and addiction goals. The addiction treatment center says that its goal is to “provide a recovery environment that feels warm and welcoming to all of our clients and will make their detox process feel as safe and supported as possible.”

The Los Angeles rehab facility also boasts a dedicated staff of medical professionals to safely administer medications to prevent withdrawals. Divine Detox has been built amongst lush, green, and serene landscapes that shelter its patients from the chaos of the outside world. The facility aims to be a place of escape where one can work on self-improvement in peace. The center also offers after-care services to help its clients become more successful with independent sober living and maintaining their abstinence from substance use.

A spokesperson for Find Addiction Rehabs commented on the newly published resources by saying, “We are constantly engaging with our readers to understand the kind of information that they want. We want to help everyone caught up in substance abuse see the positive side of life and how great things can be if they fight their affliction. If you or a loved one are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, give us a call, any time of day or night, for more information about local service providers that can help you out.”


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