Fibromyalgia Management Solutions Now Available In Chicago

IL based IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago would like to reach out to anyone who may be in search of a clinically proven therapy for chronic pain. Using tried and tested ketamine therapy, the clinic offers relief from all kinds of pain, helping patients live healthier, happier lives free of chronic pain and other ailments. IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago is the top provider of treatments for depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar, chronic pain, migraines, fibromyalgia and more.

“Experience clinically proven IV ketamine treatment for life-changing results,” says the Chicago clinic. “IV Solution and Ketamine Centers of Chicago and Kansas City offer clinically proven customized intravenous ketamine therapies for the treatment of depression, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and other ailments in state-of-the-art medical facilities. Experience life-changing therapy in private, confidential settings with anesthesiologists, registered nurses and skilled staff onsite.”

One of the most commonly used treatments at IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago is ketamine therapy. Ketamine is an FDA approved medication that was synthesized in the mid 1900s and approved for use as an anesthetic medication in the 1970s. It works as a blocker of the cellular NMDA receptor, a neural receptor for glutamate which plays a major role in depression, chronic pain syndromes, fibromyalgia and a number of other ailments. Its powerful anti-inflammatory effects and ability to stimulate neuronal growth, synaptogenesis and neuroplasticity are just some of the many benefits the drug provides.

Safety is a major concern at IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago, and they are always looking to make sure their patients are well informed and that only trustworthy, safe treatments are used. Ketamine is one such treatment. As their site says, “Although often known as a drug of abuse i.e. “Special K”, ketamine is a very safe drug when administered for anesthesia or as a treatment for depression and chronic pain as we do at Chicago Ketamine Centers. The doses used for depression are much lower than those used for anesthesia, and patients are monitored closely for the duration of the 45-minute infusion. Most patients feel very relaxed and free while they are receiving the infusion, and these effects wear off within an hour or so afterwards. We carefully assess your medical history and medication list before the treatment and will consult your primary care physician or mental health professional as needed.”

Ketamine therapy is one of the fibromyalgia management solutions offered by IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago. Fibromyalgia causes widespread chronic pain and heightened responses to pressure among other symptoms, many of which can be treated through the use of professionally administered ketamine. Ketamine’s anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving qualities make it an excellent choice for anyone dealing with chronic problems caused by fibromyalgia. It has been clinically proven as a great option for the treatment of the condition. Through multiple infusions lasting up to four hours each, fibromyalgia patients can quickly go back to their old lives. Visit the clinic’s YouTube channel to watch videos about some of the treatments they offer.

A number of patients have left glowing reviews of the clinic. K. Samuelson visited the clinic to have his severe anxiety and PTSD treated. They felt it was an, “Amazing experience that changed my life! I came to Dr. Nandra desperate from the impact that severe anxiety/PTSD was having on my life. It was debilitating. Within three weeks of my Ketamine treatment, my anxiety was gone! Now, I no longer feel that I am held back by all of the hardship that anxiety was causing in my life. I can function at my best self again, something I had not experienced in many years. I highly recommend Ketamine and Chicago IV Solutions for those who are looking for a treatment that actually works! Thank you to Dr. Nandra, Maribel, Carol and the entire staff. They were warm, hospitable and amazing to work with!”

Another happy patient who went to IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago for help dealing with depression says, “The ketamine infusions have been a miracle in my quest to overcome depression. After years of countless medications and therapies, Ketamine Centers & the Chicago IV Solutions team has allowed me to make that final breakthrough into a normal, happy, productive life. Rather than mask depression-like traditional medications, the ketamine infusions have allowed me to take a step back and analyze, reflect and heal the negative aspects of my life. It has truly brought me back to normal, and I can tell that the effects are lasting.”

For more information on intravenous ketamine therapy, visit the clinic’s website. Bal Nandra, M.D. of IV Solution & Ketamine Centers of Chicago may also be contacted for additional details.


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