FedEx Shipping Center in Naperville, IL Warns the Community of Scam Emails Circulating Regarding COVID Test Deliveries

FedEx shipping center in Naperville, IL

Naperville, IL — The ability to track packages through email or text updates have helped make the shipping process much more convenient, as individuals no longer must go about their days wondering whether their package is stuck or simply delayed. However, with new technology comes new grounds for scammers to attempt to cover. A FedEx shipping center in Naperville, IL is encouraging their community to be careful when opening any emails that seem to be coming from the USPS but are actually scams.

Many individuals across the nation are anxiously awaiting deliveries of at-home COVID tests. Unfortunately, in the eyes of scammers, this anxiousness provides the perfect opportunity to take advantage of those awaiting test packages. They simply send these individuals emails that seem to be sent from the USPS, but they contain a fake tracking number and statement that informs of an issue with the order. The link they provide in the email takes users to a similar-looking site to the official USPS site where users are asked for credit card information to help cover extra necessary shipping costs. They are told that covering this extra cost will “fix” the COVID test order they are awaiting.

The Boxes Etc. wants to make sure everyone in their community understands that the COVID tests themselves, as well as shipping costs, are fully covered by the government. If the USPS is asking for payment to cover any portion of these costs, it is a scam.

The Federal Trade Commission states: “No one will call, text, or email you from the federal government to ask for your information to “help” you order free kits. Only a scammer will contact you, asking for information like your credit card, bank account, or Social Security number. Do not respond. Instead, report it to the FTC at”

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