FAR: Why You Should Consider Multi Plan Insurance For Rehab

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Boca Raton, FL based Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR) is taking steps to help their community learn about Multiplan insurance for rehab. Rehab can be difficult enough for an individual to undergo without them or their family having to be concerned whether their insurance will cover it, and this is why FAR is publishing new resources that shed light on the Multiplan Network and its advantages. The organization hopes that this will give their community a better chance of making informed decisions regarding their preferred insurers and where their loved ones go to rehab.

Find Addiction Rehab says it is important to begin by explaining what Multiplan is and what it accomplishes. The Multiplan Network is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network that operates across the US, giving insurance customers access to complementary healthcare services through other providers, most often at a discounted rate. As a result, customers can pay less for the services they need if they choose to work with providers within the network (and require additional services that are outside their scope). Notably, FAR clarifies that this network does not completely saturate the US, so care must be taken when choosing providers. In specific areas, however, its presence can prove extremely helpful.

Whether using MultiPlan insurance for rehab or Horizon BCBS of New Jersey, or other top providers nationwide, Find Addiction Rehabs can help you find top addiction treatment facilities nationwide, quickly and confidentially

Currently, Medicaid, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) offer health insurance to those in need, and these insurance options can be paired with Multiplan coverage to provide additional financial assistance. In practice, this means an individual who is hesitant about going to rehab due to financial concerns may have fewer challenges to deal with than they believe. As always, it is recommended that they approach FAR for specialized assistance in this regard, among many other topics related to substance abuse resources, whether financial in nature or not. For an example of such a resource, go here: Can You Overdose On Shrooms?

The organization states, “Contacting our hotline, staffed by dedicated recovery representatives, can advise you and your loved ones of the cost of treatment, often within minutes and provide top rehab options nationwide. Up to 100% of the costs of treatment can be covered by insurance.”

The cost of rehab is often among the primary concerns for an individual suffering from addiction, particularly if their condition has progressed to the point they do not have a fixed income or a support network to help. To address this, Find Addiction Rehabs also wishes to bring their community’s attention to Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield for New Jersey residents. Their writers have just produced a guide to using Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield for behavioral health treatment, with a detailed breakdown of using Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey insurance coverage as effectively as possible to get the care they and their loved ones need.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey offers aid with both medical issues and addiction, and their assistance can play a vital part in helping an individual overcome addiction. As one of the largest insurers of families and businesses (both within the state and nationwide), their extensive range of services includes both rehabilitation and addiction treatment, and coverage extends to treatment for mental health and substance abuse disorders. FAR says the specific amount of coverage provided depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of insurance plan and the individual's personal circumstances, but their team can help interested parties navigate this area as well.

Generally, however, given that the majority of substance abuse disorder therapies are required to be covered under the ACA, people can expect their Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey plan to cover a portion of the cost of their addiction treatment. This also includes rehab. FAR adds that Horizon BCBS of NJ also provides comprehensive behavioral health services, so they may introduce a client to substance abuse care and treatment programs where appropriate.


Find Addiction Rehabs has made it their mission to connect their community with a vast network of resources on drug addiction, rehab and so on. Their purpose is to help people overcome addiction and give themselves every opportunity to live full, fulfilling lives once more. Anyone in need of help — or who has a loved one who needs help — can approach FAR’s team today to get started. More information on the Multiplan Network, Horizon BCBS of NJ and so on can also be found on their website.


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