FAQ on Monkeypox: Understanding a New Pandemic

MedShadow Foundation recently published an FAQ regarding the Monkeypox outbreak in and around the United States. Monkeypox has been shown to cause lesions on the skin oftentimes filled with pus. With important updates from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), as well as helpful tips about avoiding exposure, the article aims to inform the public, free from any big pharma influence or misinformation.

The article discusses how the monkeypox outbreak of 2022 is different from past outbreaks. There is also a comparison between smallpox which is more severe but has many similarities that make it somewhat difficult differentiating between the two viruses. Monkeypox appears to be spread through human touch, particularly skin-to-skin contact, much like smallpox. One difference is that monkeypox can also be spread by animals whereas scientists have determined smallpox is primarily spread through humans.

Along with the frequently asked questions about the monkeypox disease, MedShadow included an interactive map showing updated tracking statistics from the CDC. The details show the number of cases in each state of the country.

Coupled with an infographic available for download regarding the side effects of medications often given for monkeypox and its vaccinations, the site has a robust breakdown of the impacts, ways to prevent spreading, and how to proceed if contracting the illness.

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