Family Title Loans Is Offering Updates On The Economic Squeeze Faced By Oxnard CA Renters

Oxnard, CA, is in the grip of an affordable housing crisis for renters, especially families and individuals who work in the city’s thriving agriculture industry.

This development has prompted the Oxnard financial services provider Family Title Loans to comment on the tough situation that is creating hardships for the city’s farm workers. Readers who want more information about Family Title Loans’ services can head over to its Google My Business page at the link:

Oxnard, CA, has a population of around 208,000, according to the 2019 census. 14,000 Oxnard residents work in agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting which is the city’s largest industry followed by manufacturing. Its location at the western edge of the fertile Oxnard Plain is the reason for its strong agriculture sector. The fields near Oxnard are ripe with strawberries, the supply of which makes up for one-third of California’s annual strawberry volume. The construction of an Amazon fulfillment center that was completed in 2022 also brought several jobs to the region, especially for unskilled workers.

Despite the success of the city’s agriculture industry, inflation has hurt the working-class residents of Oxnard hard. The homeownership rate in Oxnard is 53.2%, much lower than the national average of 64.1%. The average rent in the city is $2,407 for an apartment size of around 930 square feet. The average rent, which was under $2000 until March 2020, spiked considerably over the last two years, at pace with the rise in rent prices all over the country.

Over the last five years, the average rent in Ventura County has increased by 27% while median wages have only grown by 8%. This has made housing unaffordable for the city’s families who rely on low-paying jobs in the agricultural sector.

A representative for Family Title Loans states, "This city needs to figure out a way to get affordable housing for people." Oxnard residents who want to avail of the many financial services offered by Family Title Loans can find out more about the application process by heading over to

The local government, which is aware of the affordable housing crisis in the city, has been consistently petitioned by several non-profits, such as Lideras Campesinas, to implement a rent cap. In April 2022, these efforts were successful as the City Council adopted a Rent Stabilization Ordinance and a Just Cause Tenant Protection Ordinance. According to the rent stabilization ordinance, owners are not allowed to impose more than one rent increase for a covered dwelling unit in any 12 months and the maximum permissible annual rent increase is 4%.

Even though the rent cap should bring some respite to Oxnard renters, those who are facing a difficult financial situation are left with little to no options to arrange a large sum of money. Apart from renters’ woes, homeowners may also have to deal with structural damage to their property that, if not fixed immediately, can jeopardize its integrity. Home improvement repairs are expensive and can be debilitating financially if one is just barely scraping by. Medical bills are another unexpected expense that can wreak havoc on one’s finances.

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