Fairfax Movers MyProMovers Is Offering A Month Of Free Storage In Its Warehouse Till It Lasts

MyProMovers Fairfax Movers is now offering clients a month of free storage for their first month, for a limited time, while space in their storage facility lasts. The moving company’s secure, climate-controlled storage facility is in neighboring Chantilly, VA.

A lot of homeowners or renters end up spending many years building lives in the area where they are residing for work or school. Naturally, over this time, they may have accumulated a lot of personal items that need to be taken care of before moving. Whatever items are utilitarian are generally sold off. On the other hand, most people prefer to carry the pieces of sentimental value to their next house to make it feel more like home. However, it is not feasible to have a truck full of items waiting to be moved or stored while looking for accommodations in a new town or city. Those who can spare some time and resources, opt for self-storage units that let renters stash their belongings for a limited time, for a nominal cost. However, there are many distinct drawbacks to this arrangement.

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First, self-storage units are not known to be of the highest quality. Depending on how well or how poorly they are maintained, they may not offer foolproof protection from the elements. In case, items do get damaged, the storage unit company might not provide adequate or any insurance at all to protect against the loss. Security is another concern. Self-storage units are usually located on lots that are accessible by anyone if they own or rent even a single unit on it. The units themselves are also generally secured with flimsy padlocks that can be broken into quite easily. Storage unit administrators may also tack on exorbitant fees if the renter’s plans change or are delayed. Finally, depending on the location of the storage unit, a buyer or renter can expect to travel long distances or make multiple trips to load or empty their units. One might also be put off by the prospect of booking a truck, loading it, and then unloading it. Thankfully, MyProMovers has found a solution for this common problem in the form of its own storage infrastructure that offers a ton of perks and features.

A spokesperson for the Northern Virginia moving company talks about the benefits of using a single provider for the entire moving process by saying, “Dealing with a storage unit is a hassle that you, frankly, don’t want on your plate when your world is already in upheaval from having to relocate to a new town or city. You are already going to be dealing with the mental pressure of building a new life from scratch. Don’t let small things like moving and storage compound your problems. You can rely on the convenience offered by the high-tech and secure storage warehouse facility from MyProMovers which is located in Northern Virginia. Having just one company manage your entire move, from storage to moving your items, streamlines the entire process. You have just one person to call – a dedicated customer relationship manager that can coordinate everyone involved with the move and keep you updated with all the details. You won’t have to spend time looking for different local providers and trying to gauge which one is perfect for your needs. As a one-stop shop, our services will not only save you time and effort but also, potentially, tons of money. We can give you a bundled deal that saves you money whether you are looking for short-term storage or long-term storage. Moreover, our new warehouse space in Chantilly, VA, which has over 30,000 square feet of stackable space, is temperature-controlled (between 65 to 85 degrees year-round), and is protected by state-of-the-art surveillance systems including CCTV monitoring and electronic security gates. So, if you are looking for a comprehensive moving and storage solution in Northern Virginia that is not only hassle-free but also time-saving and affordable, there is no better option than MyProMovers Fairfax Movers.”

Readers can contact the Northern Virginia moving company at the phone number (703) 310-7333.


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